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Tag: two-thirds majority

We’ll support more teeth for MACC but show us the bill...

DAP veteran told to come up with proposed constitutional amendments if he is is serious about upgrading the status of MACC.

Govt to table bill to axe Sedition Act, new law to...

A bill to do away with the Sedition Act will be tabled in March, says the law minister.

Ex-judge: Amend constitution to allow top 4 judges to remain till...

Gopal Sri Ram says this is because if all four retire next year, there will be a vacuum on the bench, adding he believes the opposition will support the amendment.

Table constitutional amendments even if no two-thirds majority, says ex-judge

Gopal Sri Ram says some opposition MPs will see the benefits of such reform-minded amendments and throw in their support, ensuring passage of the amendments.

Support move to lower voting age, lawyer tells opposition

Muhammad Rafique Rashid Ali says the opposition has nothing to lose and should unite with its political opponents in the interest of democracy.

Split votes could hurt both BN and PH, say analysts

They believe BN will maintain its hold on power although it will not regain the two-third's majority.

Pakatan gives PKR, DAP lion’s share of NS seats for next...

The four component parties in opposition coalition sign agreement approved by the presidential council.

Vote and make a difference, urges Maria Chin

The results of the last two general elections were historic due to high voter turnout, reminds the electoral watchdog chairman.

Lawyer: Unlikely for opposition to win with super majority at first...

Umno Youth chief's challenge to Dr Mahathir does not make sense, says Syed Iskandar Syed Jaafar Al-Mahdzar.

New govt must legislate judicial reform, says ex-judge

The Judicial Appointments Commission must be given constitutional status to recommend appointments of judges to the king instead of the prime minister, says Gopal Sri Ram.

Batu Kawan MP raps Najib over unilateral conversion

DAP's Kasthuri Patto says Najib is making 'veiled intimidations' to women voters for a two-thirds BN majority to do the right thing in the Dewan Rakyat.

Ex-judge: Najib should have asked MPs’ support to end unilateral conversion

In the Malaysian constitution, there is no division of MPs along party lines and elected representatives will support amendments that benefit the public, says Gopal Sri Ram.

Guan Eng confident PH will win in GE14

He says it is a matter of time before all issues facing Pakatan Harapan are sorted out.