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Emirati makes history becoming first Arab to reach space

In Dubai, Mansoori hailed as national hero.

UAE’s first official synagogue to open in multi-faith complex in 2022

The synagogue will be part of the multi-faith ‘Abrahamic Family House’ complex in Abu Dhabi.

UAE regulator not optimistic on Boeing 737 MAX return this year

UAE’s GCAA will conduct its own assessment to allow the MAX to return to the country's airspace.

Saudi allies fighting each other hands Yemen initiative to Iran

Persuading the Houthis ending the conflict represents their best shot at international acceptance could bolster an embryonic peace process.

We played well, but couldn’t keep the tempo, says Cheng Hoe

Cheng Hoe laments Harimau Malaya’s inability to keep the tempo for 90 minutes.

Diasak hingga wisel penamat, UAE menang tipis

Harimau Malaya garang sepanjang perlawanan mencabar jaguh Asia Barat sehingga tamat perlawanan.

Malaysia bermula garang menentang UAE di Bukit Jalil

Kedua-dua pasukan terikat 1-1 ketika tamat babak masa pertama.

US, France, Britain may be complicit in Yemen war crimes, says...

Experts have highlighted the role Western countries play as backers of the Arab states and Iran plays in support of the Houthis.

Social media posts can destroy harmony, warns Maal Hijrah award recipient

He urges Muslims to always preserve the peace in the face of adverse challenges in today's Islamic world.

UAE prince visits Saudi Arabia, urges dialogue to solve Yemen tensions

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan says dialogue is ‘the only way to resolve differences between Yemenis’.

UAE jails Filipino for 10 years for joining Islamic State

UAE newspapers The National and Gulf News both report that the man was a domestic worker.

Trump vetoes blocking arms sales to Saudi Arabia, UAE

It is the third time US President Donald Trump has employed his veto power since taking office.

UAE reducing troops in war-torn Yemen

UAE is moving towards a peace plan in Yemen shifting away from its military strategy.

UAE approves full foreign ownership of firms

A cabinet meeting has approved 100% foreign ownership in 122 economic activities allowing full control on UAE's business ventures.

UAE calls for talks to defuse US-Iran tensions

UAE calls for de-escalation in the tensions between the US and Iran.

Defying Trump, US senator moves toward vote to block Saudi arms...

Robert Menendez plans a vote to block a US$8 billion in military sales by the White House to Saudi Arabia and the UAE without consenting Congress.

Azmin muat naik gambar temui Agong di Istana Negara

Menteri hal ehwal ekonomi itu berkata, kementeriannya akan merebut peluang untuk meningkatkan hubungan ekonomi dua hala hasil lawatan khas Agong ke UAE minggu lalu.

Turki kutuk serangan ke atas kapal minyak di Teluk Oman

Kapal tangki yang membawa bendera Marshal Islands dan Panama, masing-masing dalam perjalanan ke Taiwan dan Singapura dari Qatar dan Arab Saudi.

US House also seeks to block Trump arms sales to Saudi...

The lower chamber's pushback against the White House comes a week after US senators across the political spectrum also moved to prevent the US$8.1 billion sale.

Pompeo says Iran attacked oil tankers to raise global oil price

Bolton says evidence that Iran was behind the attacks would be presented to the United Nations Security Council next week.

UAE expats get taste of Ramadan traditional sweets

During Ramadan, immigrants in the Gulf state reconnect with traditions from their homeland.

UAE won’t be `baited into crisis’ with Iran as tensions mount

The United Arab Emirates 'won’t jump the gun' to accuse Iran of attacking ships off its coast, as rising tensions leads forecasters to believe the possibility of another war breaking out.

UAE seeks Gulf ‘de-escalation’ after ship attacks

The UAE minister of state for foreign affairs says they are very committed to de-escalation, peace and stability.

Sabotaj kapal tangki, Trump beri Iran amaran

Ia berikutan serangan misteri ke atas 4 kapal tangki minyak di kawasan perairan di bandar pelabuhan Fujairah, UAE.