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Mexico cabbies protest Uber, interrupt city activity

Parts of Mexico’s capital paralysed since 5am as 4,000 cabbies in 800 white-and-pink vehicles rallied.

Badan persaingan Putrajaya cadang Grab didenda RM86.8 juta

Suruhanjaya Persaingan Malaysia juga mencadangkan denda harian sebanyak RM15,000 mulai hari ini.

Uber to launch UK driver loyalty scheme amid licence battle

Uber wants to do more to help drivers and their families build towards their future with the loyalty programme.

Putrajaya steps up probe into complaints over Grab’s monopoly

The investigation follows multiple complaints accusing Grab of monopolistic practices following the merger with Uber.

London grants Uber ‘two months only’ licence

Permission comes with new conditions to ensure passenger safety.

Grab is facing off against Tesla taxis in Indonesia

Indonesia’s largest cab company plans to focus on electric vehicles to cut fleet ownership costs and improve efficiency using data.

Apple’s Goldman card launched in US with Uber cashback offer

Apple, which previously said only people shopping at Apple stores or buying its services would get 3% cashback, says other merchants and apps will eventually offer the deal.

Uber stock falls after US$5.2 bil loss, sales miss estimates

Uber reports second-quarter adjusted sales that fell short of estimates and posts a net loss of US$5.24 billion.

Uber created a US$6.1 bil Dutch weapon to avoid paying taxes

The US$6.1 billion deduction came through an increase in the value of intellectual property that Uber transferred between its offshore subsidiaries.

Uber to cut about 400 employees, citing ‘mediocre results’

Uber can’t keep up with its growth and has to downsize a section of the company.

Uber, Lyft and Starbucks among most popular business expenses

'If you’re a taxi owner/operator, you need to find a new business model because this trend is clear and continues to result in fewer taxi rides taken,', says Certify CEO Bob Neveu.

European startups navigate long, winding road to self-driving future

European startups say the old continent is a unique proposition with quirks and challenges for developing driverless vehicles that other tech giants have yet to crack.

Grannies in running shoes are delivering ramen for Uber in Japan

Uber’s strategy for Japan lies in its Uber Eats platform as ride-sharing is banned in the country.

Uber targets expansion in fast-growing West African markets

In much of sub-Saharan Africa there are low levels of personal car ownership and rapidly expanding populations which makes ride-hailing a popular option for public transport.

Uber picks Melbourne as test site for flying taxi service

Uber will begin test flights of the pilotless aircraft in Melbourne and US cities Dallas and Los Angeles in 2020 before commercial operations begin in 2023.

Uber chief tightens grip with top execs’ departures

Dara Khosrowshah says the need for a 'clear narrative' is a factor in his decision to consolidate the marketing, communications and policy teams.

Uber loses US$1 billion in quarter as costs grow for drivers, food...

Revenue of US$3.1 billion matches the high end of the range Uber forecast for the quarter and the loss of US$1 billion compared with the company's forecast of US$1 billion to US$1.11 billion.

Uber lowers barrier to drive for those with no car or...

This programme is designed specifically to attract drivers who may not even have enough credit to get a traditional car loan of any kind.

‘ScUber’ launches submarine trips to Great Barrier Reef

In what Uber is pitching as a world first, people in Queensland will be able to order a ride on a two-person submarine for A$1,500.

Uber and Lyft to turn the wheels on car ownership

Labour trends like working remotely or from home had contributed to the reduced interest in cars.

Uber escapes Lyft driver’s dirty-tricks lawsuit – for now

Uber managed to dodge a three-year-old lawsuit by a Lyft driver who accuses the ride-hailing corporation of shady dealings. Uber's victory may be short-lived, however.

Uber shares decline for second day in US pre-market

The share slump reflects investor skepticism about the size of the ride-hailing market.

SoftBank’s market value slides US$9 billion as Uber IPO flops

Son has been remaking SoftBank Group from primarily a telecommunications operator into a technology investment firm.

Uber slips below US$70 billion valuation on first day trades

The deflated debut cast a pall over 2019’s prospects as the hottest year for tech listings this decade.