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Tag: Uighur Muslims

US to rally support for Uighur treatment at UN

Though the United States has ramped up criticism of China's measures in Xinjiang, it has refrained from responding with sanctions over the issue.

Uighurs targeted in iPhone attack, says Apple

Five iPhone security flaws discovered by Google Project Zero showed a sustained effort to hack iPhone users in 'certain communities', which was later identified as the Uighurs.

World Bank says ‘no indication’ China misused loan for Uighur schools

A media report claims the US$50 million World Bank loan to China was used to buy 'barbed wire, gas launchers, and body armour'.

‘Nightmare’ as Egypt aids China to detain Uighurs

Egypt and China recently signed a security memorandum focusing on 'combatting terrorism.'

Chinese Uighur refugee fears deportation from Turkey

Aihemaiti Xianmixiding is currently under investigation for allegedly financing the Uighur National Movement terrorist organisation, which he denies.

China’s capital orders Arabic, Muslim symbols taken down

China, home to 20 million Muslims, officially guarantees freedom of religion, but the government has campaigned to bring the faithful into line with Communist Party ideology.

China says ‘most’ inmates in Xinjiang camps are out

After initially denying their existence, Beijing has been on a public relations blitz defending what it calls 'vocational education centres'.

China’s police state goes global, leaving refugees in fear

China's powerful state security has extended its reach to Uighurs living in liberal democracies in a bid to silence activists and recruit informants.

US should reject ‘prejudice’ on China religious rights, says report

The People's Daily newspaper has accused some in the US of having 'ulterior motives' and using religion as a pretext to vilify China.

Saudi Arabia defends letter backing China’s Xinjiang policy

Saudi Arabia had written a letter last week commending what they call China's 'remarkable achievements in the field of human rights'.

China welcomes tourists to Xinjiang as it locks its Muslims up

Xinjiang is one of the fastest-growing areas for tourism in China, recording a 40% year-on-year increase in visits last year.

Xinjiang vice-governor defends centres for Uighurs

The vice-governor says China has now effectively contained terrorism and religious extremism in Xinjiang.

China’s social media troll ‘army’ wages war on Uighurs

The self-styled Diba Central Army is a Chinese patriotic group which has targeted other pages in the past to defend Beijing.

UN chief raises issue of Xinjiang’s Uighurs during China visit

China has faced growing international condemnation for what it calls re-education and training centres in its Xinjiang region.

Former chairman of China’s Xinjiang region arrested for graft

Nur Bekri was the regional government's chairman for seven years until 2014.

China thanks Kazakhstan for ‘support’ of Xinjiang crackdown

Oil-rich Kazakhstan, which shares a border with the Xinjiang region, has been treading a diplomatic tightrope with major trading partner China.

US official denounces ‘choreographed’ visits to China’s Xinjiang

The visit this month would be the first by a large group of Western diplomats since international concern about Xinjiang's security clampdown began intensifying last year.

US urges Muslim nations to condemn China’s Xinjiang abuses

A statement from OIC foreign ministers earlier this month failed to reflect concern about the situation.

Lack of ‘meaningful action’ for China Muslims, US lawmakers say

China's ambassador warned of retaliation if Washington were to impose sanctions.

Uighur escapees still at large, says Zahid

Deputy Prime Minister says Malaysia is acting on information it received from Thailand and police are trying to track down the 15 escapees.

20 Chinese Uighurs use blankets to escape Thai cell

The detainees dug through their cell wall using broken tiles, then used blankets to climb out of the cell.