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Tag: Uighurs

US curbs China officials’ visas, demands end to Uighur ‘repression’

Order to also affect family members, including children seeking education.

US leads condemnation of China for ‘horrific’ repression of Muslims

State secretary Sullivan calls UN for 'immediate, unhindered, and unmonitored' access to Xinjiang.

Pompeo urges world to resist China’s demands to repatriate ethnic Uighurs

Mike Pompeo says China’s campaign in Xinjian is not about terrorism but erasing its own citizens.

China says US ‘lies’ about Xinjiang region will not deceive anyone

China says the US is neglecting facts and making irresponsible comments about its Xinjiang policy.

China says Uighur award nomination is ‘supporting terrorism’

China’s foreign ministry spokesman calls Ilham Tohti a separatist who supports extreme terrorism.

Islamic world not speaking up against persecution of Muslims, Islamophobia, says...

The controversial preacher tells a packed stadium in Kota Bharu that Muslims are being persecuted because Muslim nations are not united and close to their religion.

Rohingya should be citizens or be given their own state, says...

He says Malaysia is concerned about killings that occurred in Myanmar.

Mujahid’s statement on Xinjiang has embarrassed country, Islam, says Khaled Nordin

The Umno vice-president says the minister's use of the term 'training centre' is an endorsement of the Muslim oppression policy in Xinjiang.

Uighur leader urges G20 pressure to end China ‘genocide’

Kadeer says Uighur culture can vanish if "strong actions" are not taken by China's trading partners.

In Beijing speech, Mujahid speaks of ‘false news’ on Xinjiang

The minister in charge of Islamic affairs says the constitutions of Malaysia and China guarantee religious freedom.

Mute response from rights defenders as minister condemned over Xinjiang camps

Many local rights activists decline to comment after Mujahid Yusof Rawa's apparent endorsement of China's camps to 'transform' Muslim dissidents.

Amnesty joins criticism of Mujahid following visit to Xinjiang camps

The human rights group says the minister should be aware that the ‘vocational and training institution’ he visiting in Xinjiang is actually a ‘re-education camp’.

Rights group urges US to sanction China over Xinjiang camps

The Trump administration has been weighing sanctions against Chinese officials since late last year.

From camps to factories: Muslim detainees say China using forced labour

More than a million people from Muslim minorities are being held in internment centres across Xinjiang.

Government urged to intervene in plight of Uighurs

NGO Global Peace Mission Malaysia says there may be a way for the government to speak up on the issue through diplomatic ties.

China defends Xinjiang centres for Muslims, but aims to ‘downsize’

Xinjiang is a vast region bordering central Asia that is home to millions of ethnic minority Muslims.

Turkey: China’s treatment of Uighurs an ’embarrassment for humanity’

Turkish foreign minister says it is no longer a secret that more than one million Uighur Turks are subjected to torture and political brainwashing in concentration centres and prisons.

Protest in New York over fate of China’s Uighurs

Nearly one million Uighurs and other Turkic language-speaking minorities in China have reportedly been held in re-education camps, according to a UN panel of experts.

Al Jazeera exposes conditions under which Uighurs live overseas

In its latest documentary, it highlights plight of Uighurs who have fled from China to Turkey but live in constant fear of being deported.

China says UN observers welcome to Xinjiang, with conditions

Activists say ethnic minorities can be detained for transgressions as minor has wearing long beards or face veils.

China rolls out PR push on Muslim internments

The positive image of the centres portrayed in the PR drive is belied by testimonies from former detainees who describe harsh treatment in the facilities.

Uighurs released as they did nothing wrong, says Dr M

This after Putrajaya released the 11 from detention and sent them to Turkey despite China's request to hand them to Beijing.

China opposes Malaysia’s release of 11 Uighur Muslims

Its foreign ministry says they should not have been deported to a third country.

Defying China, Malaysia releases Uighur detainees

The 11 ethnic Uighur Muslims have been sent to Turkey despite China's request for them to be handed over to Beijing.