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Irish PM fights for Brexit backstop clause

How to manage the land border between EU-member Ireland and British-run Northern Ireland has proven to be Brexit's most contentious element.

Dr Mahathir mulakan lawatan kerja 3 hari ke UK hari ini

Pada Ahad Dr Mahathir akan ke Universiti Cambridge bagi menyampaikan syarahan bertajuk 'Demokrasi di Malaysia dan Asia Tenggara”. di Cambridge Union.

US formally asks UK to extradite WikiLeaks’ Assange

US and British security sources says US prosecutors sent the formal extradition request to UK authorities last week, shortly before the expiration of a legal deadline.

US companies sued over London’s deadly Grenfell Tower fire

The 420-page lawsuit demands a jury trial but did not specify the amount of compensation it was seeking.

Johnson commits to October Brexit deadline

Johnson says delaying Brexit will result in more losses for the Conservatives.

Britain agrees on Brexit trade deal with S. Korea

It is Britain's first post-Brexit trade deal in Asia and follows similar agreements with nations including Chile, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.

Trump tells UK to ‘walk away’ if EU deny what it...

Trump advises the UK to walk away if it does not get a fair deal from the UK.

Trump: Boris Johnson would be very good for PM

Trump says other Conservative lawmakers had also sought his endorsement.

Race to succeed May centres on ‘no deal’ Brexit battle

The candidates to succeed May have all said they are ready to exit the EU with or without a Brexit deal in place.

British health minister joins PM race

Hancock believes Britain needs a leader for the future and not just the present.

Sleepless in Berlin: Nightingales flock to scruffy city parks

To be hearing a nightingale singing outside your bedroom window is quite an extraordinary experience, a Berlin-based British botanist says.

Prince Charles has a new title: Boutique hotel owner

Prince Charles was very closely involved in the renovation efforts and wanted everything to be done 'properly'.

Milkshakes become weapon of choice in UK European campaign

Former UKIP leader has became the latest political figure to be doused with the sticky concoction while campaigning for his new Brexit Party.

UK warns over online trading scams

Reported cases of the bogus online investment has surged to more than 1,800 in 2018/2019.

Jaguar Land Rover in uphill battle to revive China operation

JLR’s China sales fell more than a third in the nine months through December and have continued to slide.

No-deal Brexit risk bigger than firms think

A no-deal Brexit means trade between the UK and the EU would switch to World Trade Organisation rules.

UK PM May has set out timetable for her departure

May is set to resign after the first phase of Brexit has been delivered.

London mosque on lockdown after shots fired

Gunshots were heard after the man left the mosque following a confrontation.

British PM tells Labour: Let’s do a deal on Brexit

May insists the clobbering both main parties took in last week's English local elections had increased the necessity of finding an EU divorce deal.

China urges UK not to discriminate against Huawei in 5G development

China's ambassador to Britain Liu Xiaoming defended Huawei as having a good track record on security.

How Sainsbury’s ‘Project Solar’ crashed down to earth 

Senior executives at both companies say their grand plan never stood a chance because the UK's antitrust regulator was hostile to the deal from the start.

China expresses regret S.China Sea issue has harmed UK ties

China was infuriated by a voyage last August by the HMS Albion near the Paracel Islands, calling it a 'provocation'.

Anti-Brexit party launch as MPs return from break

Change UK, formed by breakaway MPs from Britain's two main parties, will unveil its roster of candidates at an event in Bristol in southwest England.

2 people shot dead at Nigerian resort, 4 tourists abducted

Kidnapping in Nigeria's oil-rich south, has long been a security challenge, where wealthy locals and expatriate workers are often abducted.