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UK PM’s Brexit delay letter complies with the law, says lawyer

Scotland's top court will decide whether Johnson’s move conforms with the Benn Act.

Chinese are now richer than Americans

More China millionaires rank in the global top 10%.

UK lawyers challenge import of ‘slave-picked’ Uzbek cotton

Landmark legal action could pave way to stop unlawful goods from entering European Union.

Prince Harry won’t play ‘game that killed mum’

Harry also adds he and brother William are on ‘different paths’ but will always be there for each other.

PM UK tunduk desakan MP, hantar surat tanpa tandatangan tangguh Brexit

Boris Johnson sebenarnya berharap usaha beliau untuk melaksanakan Brexit akan menjadi kenyataan semalam dengan penggubal undang-undang secara sukarelawan akan menyokong perjanjian keluar.

British PM sends unsigned letter seeking Brexit delay

British MPs triggered law requiring Johnson write to EU leaders for time extension.

Brexit D-Day sees only fourth Saturday parliament sitting since WWII

British PM Boris Johnson vows to force UK out of EU even if his divorce accord is rejected.

Meghan Markle says motherhood a ‘struggle’ under spotlight

Markle's comments come after legal action was taken against British tabloid for privacy invasion.

Angry over Brexit, thousands to gather in London demanding new referendum

The campaign director said government should heed the anger of pro-Europeans.

China irked by Nobel Peace Prize nomination for Hong Kongers

Beijing has had a tense relationship with award committee.

Brexit within grasp as deal with EU clinched

Boris Johnson still needs N. Irish party’s approval for the agreement.

Painting fetches £1.1 mil at Sotheby’s, thanks to Google search

Art piece price is over 7 times the pre-auction estimate.

Pound goes up as Brexit talks near completion

Option traders pricing biggest swings on potential of deal being signed off soon.

UK parents reject Trump offer to meet son’s ‘killer’ at White...

Family seeks justice for teen killed in a car collision involving US diplomat’s wife.

Britain, EU enter make-or-break Brexit week

UK must move quickly if it wants a solution as the clock is ticking.

Goldman sees pound rallying further as hopes of Brexit deal rise

If EU and UK PM agree on a deal this week, enough lawmakers will support it to ensure an orderly Brexit.

UK remains a long way from Brexit deal, says source

UK government prepared to leave without a deal.

Helicopters at highest risk from drones, report shows

Risks are further increased because helicopters are often flown in urban areas where the margin for error is small.

No-deal Brexit to cost Ireland 73,000 jobs

Ireland’s economy is considered the most vulnerable in the EU to a no-deal Brexit.

Hays Travel buys all of Thomas Cook’s UK shops

Acquisition of 555 stores provides jobs for 421 staff made redundant by travel firm's collapse.

‘No-deal’ Brexit worries push pound to 3-week low

The UK has less than a month to deliver a withdrawal deal before the Oct 31 deadline.

88% of imports won’t face tariffs in event of no-deal Brexit

UK a free-trading nation and British business are in strong position to compete in an open market.

Johnson to challenge the Queen to fire him, media reports

The UK PM won’t be going anywhere unless police turn up at 10 Downing Street.

Jamaica beat Britain for women’s relay gold

Jamaica took gold with a time of 41.44s.