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Biden demands Trump release call transcript in whistleblower case

Biden also calls the intelligence unit to 'stop stonewalling' and release to Congress the secret complaint.

Trump slams ‘partisan’ whistleblower as scandal swirls

President Trump has insisted he had a 'totally appropriate' conversation with the leader.

France says ‘time has come’ to ease tensions with Russia

However, France believes it is too soon to talk about lifting sanctions on Russia.

Who are the prisoners exchanged by Moscow and Kiev?

Among the high-profile prisoners involved in the swap are film director Oleg Sentsov and MH17 witness Vladimir Tsemakh.

Netherlands wants Ukraine not to hand over MH17 suspect to Russia

Netherlands has contacted Ukraine ‘several times and at the very highest level’ in an effort to prevent the handover of Vladimir Tsemakh to Russia.

Preparations for Russia-Ukraine prisoner exchange underway

It is unclear who will be part of the swap.

Dutch concerned by Ukrainian MH17 suspect’s release

Dutch investigators are concerned that they are going to have a hard time to question Vladimir Tsemakh now that he is out on bail.

Ukraine court releases MH17 suspect on bail

A Ukranian judge says Volodymyr Tsemakh should be released immediately, pending further investigations.

MEPs urge Kiev not to extradite MH17 suspect to Moscow

Volodymyr Tsemakh is a key suspect in the investigation and European parliamentary members say his availability and testimony is of the utmost importance.

Dutch want to quiz Ukrainian over MH17 crash

Former pro-Russian separatist Volodymyr Tsemakh is wanted for questioning ahead of a trial over the 2014 tragedy that is due to start next year.

Zelensky slams Nord Stream 2 as Ukraine seeks US gas

Volodymyr Zelensky says Ukraine holds the same position as Poland that Nord Stream 2 is unacceptable and threatens Europe as a whole.

Poland wants sanctions against Russia over Crimea to continue

The EU and the United States have both imposed sanctions on Russia over its role in the Ukraine conflict.

Bolton stresses US’ commitment to Ukraine’s ‘territorial integrity’

John Bolton raised the possibility of Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky meeting his US counterpart this weekend in Poland.  

Saman Ukraine atas tragedi MH17, kata peguam

Guardial Singh Nijar berkata ahli keluarga mangsa boleh membuat saman di Ukraine, di mana pesawat itu ditembak jatuh 5 tahun lalu.

Sue Ukraine for MH17 disaster, lawyer suggests

Gurdial Singh Nijar says family members of the crash victims can file a class-action suit in Ukraine, where the plane was shot down five years ago.

Two NGOs compile report on ‘flaws’ in MH17 probe

Chandra Muzaffar says Dr Mahathir will be informed about the findings presented at a conference today.

Ukraine to simplify citizenship for ‘persecuted’ Russians

A decree published on the presidential website orders the cabinet to write a law making it easy to obtain Ukraine citizenship for Russians who are persecuted for their political views.

Scientists produce radioactive-free Chernobyl vodka

The vodka is produced with crops harvested near the site of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

Ukraine detains Russian tanker, Moscow warns of consequences

Ukraine's security service maintain that the tanker in the Ukrainian port of Izmail was involved in an incident in November in the Kerch Strait that led to Russia seizing 3 Ukrainian vessels.

Ukraine: Parti pemerintah dijangka menang pilihan raya Parlimen

Lima parti politik dijangka memenangi kerusi di Parlimen Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada.

Zelensky party wins record score in Ukraine vote

Volodymyr Zelensky receives a highest score in a parliamentary election as Ukrainians gave him a mandate to reshape the nation's politics.

MH17 missile driver ‘already serving time’

Ukraine says the driver of the missile-trailer had been captured two years ago and is now serving a sentence.

At MH17 remembrance, families call for justice

Mourners at Dutch national monument mark the 5th anniversary surrounded by 298 trees, one for each victim.

No word on extradition of MH17 suspects, says Russian envoy

Netherlands government unlikely to make an extradition request through the embassy, says ambassador.