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UM lapor polis graduan protes naib canselor di pentas konvokesyen

Tindakan graduan berkenaan jelas tidak menghormati istiadat, mengganggu protokol dan kelancarannya.

Graduan UM protes naib canselor di pentas konvokesyen

Wong Yan Ke memprotes tindakan Naib Canselor Abdul Rahim Hashim yang didakwa menggunakan nama UM untuk politik kaum dan kepentingan parti.

Kongres Maruah: Nasihat dan cabaran Kadir kepada 4 universiti awam

Kadir Jasin berkata, beliau menjenamakannya sebagai cabaran maruah iaitu mereka memastikan yang pelajar Melayu memonopoli senarai dekan dan lulus dengan kecermerlangan tertinggi.

Why should public universities organise Malay congress, asks Umno veep

Khaled Nordin says such institutions may lose sight of their academic responsibilities, which are more important than organising these events.

Kongres Maruah Melayu bukan mahu saingi himpunan ummah Umno-PAS, kata penganjur

Kongres Maruah Melayu akan membincangkan permasalahan orang Melayu melibatkan aspek pendidikan, agama, budaya, politik dan ekonomi.

2 supervisors didn’t know how their names were tied to ‘stolen’...

An investigation panel says the disputed paper did not belong to the student's PhD proposal alone, as alleged.

Dakwaan ‘curi tesis’ pelajar sedang disiasat, kata UM

Dakwaan seorang pelajar Yaman yang kertas penyelidikannya 'dicuri' seorang penyelia PhD beliau sudah dibawa ke perhatian Unit Integriti UM.

Student movement on the rise, say activists

But they also tell of challenges they face under the PH government.

Najib supporters refuse to apologise for UM scuffle

Umno supreme council member Lokman Adam claims the students had been paid to hold anti-Najib protest.

Suaram: Why no police action against attackers at UM?

Human rights watchdog ticks off IGP and home ministry for police failure and ministry's silence.

UM student wants Najib’s supporters to apologise over scuffle

Universiti Malaya student leader Wong Yan Ke says he was merely expressing dissatisfaction against Najib Razak over the RM2.6 billion donation issue.

It was a silent protest, why rough us up, ask UM...

Student leader says he was slapped, punched and nearly strangled.

UM paves the way for student-run campus polls

Universiti Malaya students have been given full freedom to organise their own elections.

After 40 years, Kit Siang returns to speak at UM

The DAP veteran says there is no guarantee that the New Malaysia will succeed in 100 days or even an electoral cycle.

Fee hike for ICT services, not tuition, says UM

Universiti Malaya says the new fees are still subsidised and 'much cheaper' than the commercial rate for internet services.

Why is closure of UM pharmacy programme shrouded in mystery?

Universiti Malaya should not adopt the recommendations of the MQA uncritically, if not UM will be seen as a mere appendage of the larger bureaucracy.

UM cipta sejarah jadi universiti 100 terbaik dunia

Menteri pendidikan mengumumkan UM kini di tangga ke-87 senarai universiti terbaik di dunia berbanding tangga ke-114 tahun lalu.

PKR veep freed over illegal assembly charge

Sessions Court finds Shamsul Iskandar not guilty over charge of illegal assembly at a mosque during the Blackout 505 rally in 2013.

UM ranked in world top 50 for 7 subjects

It has also recorded 21 subjects ranked in the world top 100, an improvement from 19 subjects in 2017.

Court quashes UM’s decision to penalise students over protest

Four students found guilty of indiscipline by UM for holding anti-1MDB placards and disrupting town hall meeting, find respite in court.

One term won’t be enough for PH to reduce cost of...

Prof Nazari Ismail says PH will need to curb corruption, leakages and change the banking system.

UM makes it to Asia’s top 50 universities

Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings put UM at 46th this year, up from its position of 59th last year.

G25: Let Shad Saleem face a panel discussion on his article

The group of moderate Malay elders says the controversy over what the UM lecturer wrote on Islamic radicalism should be dealt with in a democratic and intellectual way.

Bekas naib canselor UM: Universiti tak patut gam pelajar, kakitangan

Ghauth Jasmon berkata, adalah salah untuk menghalang ahli akademik daripada menyuarakan pendapat mereka.