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Tag: Umno elections

We’ll free frozen Umno assets, says Ku Li

This follows Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's announcement that MACC had frozen the accounts of Umno headquarters and Selangor Umno.

Wanita Umno gets only lip service, says ex-Penang chief

Jahara Hamid says the women in Umno are being held back from contesting top posts, so much so that they have lost confidence in themselves.

Sabah Umno’s future hangs on who wins in KL

Policy analyst Tony Bagang says Sabahans will be watching the Umno presidential election closely as the result will have significant bearing on the party’s future in the state.

Is Khairy the reformer that Umno needs?

Two political analysts put forth arguments on whether Umno presidential candidate Khairy can or can't reform the party.

Umno’s need for integrity, not ‘jokers’ as leaders

Mohamad Hasan, candidate for deputy president, says Umno is still 'a good product' in need of new packaging.

No ulterior motive in KJ’s bid for top post, says aide

Megat Firdouz says Khairy Jamaluddin's decision is based on the best interests of Umno as one big family.

Khairy calls for openness, freedom from warlords

Declaring his candidacy for the post of Umno president, KJ calls for reforms including restructuring, criticism without fear of expulsion and acceptance of new members without restrictions.

Nazri backs Zahid, Annuar for Umno’s top posts, says report

The Supreme Council member defends acting president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's low profile in contrast to former president Najib Razak's frequent statements.

Zahid warns against repeat of Umno split in 1987

Acting Umno president says Tengku Razaleigh's candidacy for top post shows Umno is becoming more democratic.

Ku Li in showdown with Zahid to lead Umno

Razaleigh announces his candidacy at a press conference attended by former Johor menteri besar Khaled Nordin and former minister Johari Ghani, both of whom will contest to be vice-president.

Will he stand? Ku Li pleads for patience

As speculation mounts that he will announce tomorrow, Umno veteran says 'I will jump' if grassroot members ask him to do so.

Mahathir: Khairy is best for Umno president

Pakatan Harapan chairman surprises newsmen by talking about Umno's party elections.

Tajuddin makes it four in Umno vice-president race

Supreme Council member says he will not be a yes man, complains that his criticisms about 1MDB went unheard.

Asyraf Wajdi joins race to be Umno Youth chief

Supreme Council member calls for renewal within Umno with younger leaders taking up the challenge.

Umno elections: Zahid, Mohd Hasan go for top

Hishammuddin Hussein weighs options, Khairy Jamaluddin confirms vice-president contest and Khairul Azwan Harun as Umno Youth chief.

Umno man willing to face rap for going to court

Supreme Council members should also be punished, says branch leader Salihudin Ahmad Khalid.