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Tag: Umno power struggle

Annuar attacks failed legacy of past leaders

Umno information chief suggests uncompetitive Proton should go for a merger, and subsidy could be better used for the people's benefit.

Mahathir: Najib also helped to oust Abdullah

Former premier says Najib should face action for sabotaging democracy, and warns of despots ruling Malaysia.

Time to fade away, Muhyiddin told

Tengku Shariffuddin says Muhyiddin is frustrated by failure of a power grab attempt, his dream of being PM destroyed and political career in disgrace.

‘Bangsa Johor issue will cost Bersatu’

Hishammuddin says if luck is not with Mahathir, the new party will not be accepted 'even an inch' in the state.

Former leader who’s always picking a quarrel

Najib slams Mahathir for always criticising other leaders as being incorrect. 'Tunku Abdul Rahman was wrong, Hussein Onn was wrong, Musa Hitam was wrong, Abdullah was wrong, and the latest, the Sultan of Johor, was also wrong'.

Najib: Contest against me if dissatisfied

If I am to be toppled, then contest in the Umno elections, but don't destroy Umno, says party leader.

Najib: I want my successor to do better

Umno president promises not to interfere and praises Abdullah for wanting him to achieve greater heights

Ex-aide: We know Mukhriz wants to be PM

Former political officer says people of Kedah are not stupid and we can read his agenda to be prime minister through whatever means.

Khaled sees no split in Johor Umno after Muhyiddin

State leader scoffs at 'totally out' forecast of split into factions after ouster of deputy president.

Kit Siang proposes 5-10-9-7 formula of reforms

DAP adviser says one-to-one fights against Barisan Nasional not enough to draw voters, calls for a common reform programme among members of Opposition coalition.

Najib: People want aid not ‘useless’ referendums

Another swipe at Mahathir, with a reminder to Umno members that the party was not born out of hatred, frustration or an attempt to topple a leader.

Zahid: Avoid squabbling, keep Umno in power

Learn from history, the price is too costly when we lose power, says Umno vice-president.

Kadir on why new party is bumiputera-based

Juggling the needs between being multi-racial and dealing with the politics of a multi-party alliance.

Azalina: New party is proof of ‘coup plot’

Attempts to topple Najib through Umno probably failed, so they tried to go through the opposition but were rejected so now they have to go with their own party, she says

Bung: New party could hurt Umno

Supreme Council member reminds party leaders and members against complacency, calls for stronger efforts to ensure Umno remains in power.

Najib: I refused to be Mahathir’s puppet PM

In an interview with Indonesian television, Najib Razak says Mahathir Mohamad is "obsessed with control" and wants to call the shots even though he is no longer in power.

Race and religion holding back Umno members, Mukhriz says

However Umno no longer is about race, religion, or the country, the former Kedah menteri besar claims.

‘Can Mahathir save Umno by destroying it?’

New Umno treasurer Salleh Keruak says competition will push Umno into bucking up and working harder.

How family ties and Pakatan snub led to Mahathir’s new party

Nazri Aziz says Pakatan could not accept the former premier because they know Mahathir is out to promote his son, just like DAP and PKR leaders.

Umno leaders: New party is all about power crazy wolves

Supreme Council members pour scorn on Mahathir's plans: It's all about him and Mukhriz, they have no goals, they're wolves in sheep's clothing, and Mahathir doesn't practise what he used to preach.

Wan Azizah: Let’s see what Muhyiddin does

PKR to decide later whether to cooperate with Mahathir's new party, depending on its agenda

Khairy: Mahathir lacks confidence in opposition parties

Umno Youth leader says plans for new party came about after failure of Pakatan partners in Sarawak and by-elections

Zam: Umno can no longer demonise Mahathir

Former editor says new opposition front will end prejudices fostered by Umno propaganda, and if Ibrahim Ali joins, it will end talk of DAP being a Chinese-chauvinist movement.

Pairin: Mahathir goes all out to ‘get’ his foe

Former Sabah CM recalls Mahathir's wrath when he led Parti Bersatu Sabah out of Barisan Nasional in 1990.