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Tag: Umno Youth

Nothing new in National Transport Policy, says Umno Youth

Its strategic director Wan Agyl Wan Hassan says the five policy thrusts 'are the basic thrusts applied by other developed cities around the globe'.

Umno Youth hits out at transport ministry ahead of PSV regulation

Its strategic director Wan Agyl Wan Hassan says the minister has not clearly explained or solved the predicament of drivers.

Umno Youth throws down the gauntlet on Budget 2020

Shahril Hamdan says the government should show how it plans to make Malaysia competitive on the global stage.

Why Dr M should sack PKR and DAP, according to Umno...

Both parties under fire but DAP bears the brunt of criticism by Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki over a string of alleged racist remarks.

Resign or go on leave, Umno, PAS Youth tell AG after...

PAS deputy Youth chief Ahmad Fadhli Shari urges Tommy Thomas not to request a revision or appeal against the inquest verdict.

AG should resign after ‘humiliation’ by coroner, says Umno Youth

Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki quotes coroner's finding of a prima facie case against Tommy Thomas in a contempt of court application.

Zahid’s back and it’s all good, says Umno Youth chief

Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki claims it was never his movement's intention to pressure the president to step down.

Shafie ruined Sabah’s economy in a year, says Umno

Youth chief Aziz Julkarnain laments 6.7% fall in Sabah's GDP to its worst-ever growth rate of 1.5%.

Minister fails to see e-hailing ‘nightmares’, says Umno Youth

Umno Youth strategic director Wan Agyl Wan Hassan, previously with SPAD, points out the problems in implementing PSV licensing,

Opposition leaders ask whether new MACC chief will be impartial

After Latheefa Koya's appointment, MCA and Umno Youth take Pakatan Harapan to task over pledge to make MACC independent.

Tebrau chief merely expressing own view on Zahid, says Umno Youth

The Umno Youth leader says it is better to focus on more important issues at the moment.

We need more Shahrils, say PH Youth leaders on Umno Youth’s...

Rivals wish him well, but say Shahril Hamdan will have a tough time battling right-wing views in Umno.

Being Mr Progressive makes Shahril an ‘unpopular child’

Umno Youth vice-chief says his views may differ from those of others, but are consistent with the party's stance from 60 years ago.

Umno Youth refutes Guan Eng over reliance on oil revenue

Umno Youth vice-chief Shahril Hamdan says the finance ministry cannot exclude the one-off special dividend from Petronas and claim a reduced reliance on oil revenue.

Ex-Umno Youth leader jailed 3 years for cheating

The Court of Appeal dismisses Mohd Mustafa Mohd Khalid's appeal against conviction but reinstates the lesser jail term meted out by the Sessions Court.

Sabah Umno leaders disappointed with Zahid, says state youth wing

It's chief Abdul Aziz Julkarnain, however, says the Sabah Umno youth wing remains loyal to the party’s struggle.

Umno Youth’s Papagomo arrested

This follows a video showing the blogger making racist comments.

We haven’t been notified about Friday’s ICERD rally, say cops

A gathering against the government's plan to ratify the United Nations treaty is scheduled to be held in Seremban.

Zahid coy on calls for him to take leave

The Umno president merely urges members to unite and oppose its enemies.

Noh Omar supports Umno Youth’s call for Zahid to take leave

He says this is in line with Umno’s convention that any leader charged in court should take leave to focus on their trial.

Split in Umno Youth over call on Zahid to take leave

The Kinabatangan Umno Youth says the call does not reflect the wing's image as a defender of the party.

Zahid should take leave, says Umno Youth

Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki says it will allow the party president to focus more on his upcoming corruption trial.

No issue if PBRS stays with BN, says Sabah Umno Youth

Sabah Umno Youth chief Aziz Abdul Julkarnain says PBRS president Joseph Kurup’s decision to stay with BN probably had something to do with new government’s shortcomings.

Reigniting the embers of Umno’s struggle

Umno Youth chief Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki has made it clear in his maiden speech that the party needs to be stabilised.