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Tag: unconstitutional

Japan court says forced sterilisations unconstitutional, refuses compensation

One of the lawyers told NHK that he was shocked by the compensation rejection, a view shared by one of the plaintiffs.

Huawei case highlights the real US-China imbalance

Huawei and Meng Wanzhou may have credible arguments to make against US and Canadian authorities, but the real victory for them is in being able to make them at all.

US judge says Obamacare can stand while appeal is heard

Opposition Democrats view Obamacare as a signature achievement of former president Barack Obama.

Obamacare thrown out by judge, raising insurance uncertainty

US District Judge Reed O’Connor in Fort Worth agreed with a coalition of Republican states led by Texas that he had to eviscerate the Affordable Care Act.

Sabah treated like just another state in CM ruling, says PBS

Its secretary-general Johnny Mositun says the High Court judgement relied heavily on a controversial Perak case, giving the impression that Sabah is one of 13 states and not an equal partner.

Voter goes to court to stop Port Dickson by-election

Rosmadi Mohd Kassim says resignation of incumbent MP is unconstitutional and against practice of parliamentary democracy.

Terengganu’s lesbian sex offence unconstitutional, says lawyer

State assemblies cannot pass 'criminal laws' when such offences are already in federal laws, says Aston Paiva.

Lawyers group: Govt can’t pass the buck to speaker on RUU355

Lawyers for Liberty quotes Parliament’s standing orders to say it is the government which decides which motions and bills are to be debated.

NSC Act violates constitution, says ex-judge

Gopal Sri Ram says the act must be repealed but can be redrafted to comply with the constitution if the government wants such a law.

Shafie: Let courts decide on Musa’s writ

Warisan president Shafie Apdal says Musa Aman should emulate other leaders who stepped down after losing the majority support of state assemblymen.

Malaysiakini owner makes bid to strike out anti-fake news law

Mkini Dotcom Sdn Bhd says the law goes against the right of livelihood and freedom of speech and expression.

Kota Melaka voters try again to quash redelineation report

The Melaka High Court will hear on Tuesday the application by seven voters to obtain leave to challenge the Election Commission.

Fijian woman fails to challenge legality of death penalty

Mandatory death sentence issue was already decided by the Privy Council in 1983 and is now binding on the Court of Appeal, says government lawyer Awang Armadajaya Awang Mahmud.

Get your words right, Zaid tells ministers

Former de facto law minister says there is a difference between 'unconstitutional' and 'illegal', and that ministers should know this.

Atheism is not unconstitutional, legal minds tell deputy minister

Freedom of religion includes freedom not to be part of any religion, and the state cannot compel every citizen to follow some religion, say an ex-judge and a lawyer.

Malaysian Bar seeks order that Raus’, Zulkefli’s appointments are unlawful

Legal action has been filed at the Kuala Lumpur High Court against former chief justice Arifin Zakaria, chief justice Raus Sharif and Court of Appeal president Zulkefli Ahmad Makinuddin.

Action against Mustafa Akyol, Farouk Musa blot on Malaysia’s image

Jawi’s action undermines not just the freedom of speech as guaranteed in the Federal Constitution, but also the rule of law as decreed by the Rukun Negara, and intellectual discourse on matters pertaining to Islam.

Mahathir challenges legality of Zulkefli as Court of Appeal president

PH chairman wants court order to compel PM to advise the king to revoke Zulkefli Ahmad Makinuddin's appointment.

Court to hear students’ grievances for disrupting 1MDB meeting

Leave for judicial review allowed as government lawyers did not object to the four students' application, says their counsel Lim Wei Jiet.

Kit Siang defends Isa Samad, but insists he must quit SPAD

The veteran MP, saying it’s demeaning to force Isa to wear the MACC lock-up uniform, asks if the MACC leadership will be probed for abuse of power and why Najib Razak insists on keeping Isa as SPAD acting chairman despite current and past graft allegations.

Court rules Lim and Phang need not reveal defence before trial

Three-man Court of Appeal strikes down Section 62 of MACC Act as breaching Article 5 (1) and 8 (1) of the constitution.

Kit Siang: Only Raus can save Malaysia from a constitutional crisis

DAP veteran says Raus Sharif should not allow himself to be sworn in as chief justice for another three years until the Federal Court rules on the constitutionality of the matter.

Bar to challenge appointments of Raus, Zulkefli

EGM in a resounding majority holds that the appointments are unconstitutional while Bar will not invite the top two judges to its social events to show its discontentment.

Speak up for Malanjum, Baru tells Sabah, Sarawak BN leaders

Sarawak PKR chief says BN state figures, including chief ministers, must put aside their loyalty to their federal ‘political masters’ over the matter.