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Penang CM says he is ready to debate Wee on tunnel

Chow Kon Yeow says Wee must first explain where he got his RM20 billion figure for the proposed tunnel.

Tunnel cost still the same, not RM20 bil as MCA claims,...

The chief minister says he is astounded by the RM20 billion figure and that the cost has not changed from the estimated RM6.3 billion.

Najib snipes at creeping pace of RM305 mil Penang tunnel study

'How thick is the report? A million pages?' says ex-PM, asking why it took three years to move from 87% completion to 90%.

MACC cleared undersea tunnel company, not me, says Chow

The chief minister says he was only passing the message.

Hanipa to Wee: Get ‘MACC leak’ report yourself

Deputy minister says alleged leak of details about Penang undersea tunnel project is being investigated by police.

Undersea tunnel builder denies blogger’s claims

Zarul Ahmad Mohd Zulkifli says MACC would have charged him long ago if the allegations were true.

Corruption claims ‘ridiculous lies’, says Guan Eng

The finance minister rubbishes allegations by a blogger that he received money in connection with the undersea tunnel and roads project in Penang.

Annuar urges probe into ‘leak’ of MACC papers on Penang tunnel...

This follows allegations by a blogger on corruption involving Lim Guan Eng and other senior DAP leaders.

Final feasibility report for undersea tunnel not ready, says Penang CM

Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow says the long-awaited report must still be studied by independent checking engineers.

Penang tunnel builder drops suit against Gerakan man

Both sides settle the defamation case via a consent judgment.

Why bulldoze through the Penang tunnel project?

The original Penang Transport Master Plan clearly states that the undersea tunnel project is not an urgent priority.

How new Penang Transport Master Plan deviates from the original

What happened to funding for institutional reforms, pedestrian and cycling infrastructures, water transport and feeder buses for a holistic and balanced transportation system?

Get public feedback on tunnel, Penang told

A transport expert calls for publication of the feasibility report on the undersea tunnel project.

Baru briefed on Penang projects minus undersea tunnel

The new works minister says the proposal to abolish the Penang bridge toll was also not discussed at a meeting with state leaders.

Penang tunnel: Builder to sue anyone spreading fake news

The company says while it respects constructive criticism, it will not tolerate politically-motivated allegations.

Tunnel project: Guan Eng is ignorant, says Teng

The Penang BN chairman reiterates that it was the tunnel project consortium that said it would not seek compensation if the project is scrapped.

No need to pay compensation? Really? Guan Eng asks Teng

CM reminds Penang BN chairman that this was a contract to build a tunnel and not a mere MoU.

We care about Penang traffic, minister tells Guan Eng

Works Minister Fadilah Yusof reminds Penang CM that state govt is not exempt from the law over possible environmental impact from construction of undersea tunnel.

Guan Eng: BN wants Penangites to choke to death in traffic

Penang CM says Penangites' only respite from traffic is to change the government in Putrajaya.

Guan Eng, Teng lock horns over traffic, housing issues

The Penang chief minister claims BN has no solution to problems while Penang BN chairman says this is all due to a lack of well-thought-out plans to implement all initiatives they had promised.

Tunnel project: Not for me to name corrupt state leader, says...

MCA deputy president Wee Ka Siong says it is up to the MACC to identify and charge the person.

Wee: Lim’s refusal to debate undersea tunnel issue, a ploy

MCA deputy president says he wants Penang CM Lim Guan Eng to at least meet for a discussion to exchange ideas and show why allegations made are not true.

Guan Eng and Kit Siang fail to show up at forum...

The forum, titled 'Political talk on Penang’s truth', featured MCA deputy president Wee Ka Siong and BNSC deputy director Eric See-To.

Contest in Bagan, then we talk, Guan Eng tells MCA No....

The Penang chief minister says he is willing to make an exception for the MCA deputy president if he is really desperate to debate.