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Kegagalan PH wajarkan inisiatif kami, kata aktivis #UndiRosak

Aktivis #UndiRosak kini berasa terbela berikutan cakap-cakap di media sosial bahawa PH akan menjadi kerajaan satu penggal.

PH’s failures vindicate us, say #UndiRosak activists

They claim people are now telling them they were right to call for spoilt votes.

Where is 30% women representation in govt, asks activist

Maryam Lee says Pakatan Harapan must fulfil all its election promises.

A vote spoilt is a vote wasted

You will never have a perfect party, perfect leaders with perfect manifestos and perfect visions to support, and rather than wait in vain for that to arise, vote for the system you want.

#UndiRosak is about sending a message, not about ‘change’

Our rights as voters is to just not vote for them or spoil our votes to make them change within themselves.

A spoiled vote is a protest, not a vote for Pakatan

It is also a vote against both sides for having ridiculously sacrificed their principles for votes.

Why your protest vote should go to PH

There will never be a time when we have perfect leaders, but every vote not for PH is a vote for the status quo.

Pepsi or Coke? I’m not thirsty

The silence of voter apathy is frightening, but the people who need their vote don't seem to hear it.

Think tank: Older MPs, youth apathy a problem in politics

Voon Zhen Yi from the Centre for Public Policy Studies says many MPs are above the age of 50, while young people are not encouraged to get involved in politics.

EC targets 85% voter turnout in GE14

Election Commission chief says there were 14,968,304 registered voters at the end of last year.

Syed Hamid: Support for BN in Johor unaffected by ‘psychological warfare’

Former Umno supreme councillor says Barisan Nasional will continue ruling the state after GE14 despite claims by the opposition of eroding support.

Bertindak secara positif, kumpulan belia beritahu #UndiRosak

#UndiRosak sepatutnya membantu belia menentukan masa depan mereka dengan menghargai nilai undi mereka, kata #ForwardTogether

Be forward thinking, youth group tells #UndiRosak supporters

#ForwardTogether urges #UndiRosak supporters to work together to help youths take ownership of their future by making their votes count.

First plastic bags, then quinoa – who’s immature now?

#UndiRosak supporters have been labelled immature and even brain-damaged, but what about political leaders who quibble over rice vs quinoa and the supply of free plastic bags?

#ForwardTogether barking up the wrong tree, says #UndiRosak

Activist Maryam Lee says #ForwardTogether should focus on those who are unaware of the political situation, not #UndiRosak supporters.

GE14: Don’t skip polls, Maria Chin urges youths

Bersih 2.0 chairman tells youths to channel their anger and frustrations into action, and cast their ballots on polling day.

Work harder for youth support, Pakatan told

A student activist says the opposition is in danger of alienating young voters while BN may be winning them over with sweet promises.

Kenali #ForwardTogether: Kumpulan baru penentang kelesuan politik

Danni Rais bersama penggerak kempen ini mahu mendekati jutaan belia untuk melakar masa depan negara pada PRU14.

Step aside #UndiRosak: New group seeks to end political lethargy

Danni Rais, who together with a group of like-minded young Malaysians, is seeking to engage millions of youths to actively chart the future ahead of the next polls.

Moving Malaysia #ForwardTogether

Young voters cannot afford to risk the country’s future by spoiling their votes as they are the ones who will be living in it, not their older counterparts.

#UndiRosak: Bergaduh di simpang politik perkara biasa, kata Adam Adli

Bekas aktivis pelajar itu mengingatkan Malaysia sekarang berada di persimpangan politik yang akan menentukan masa depan negara.

Ayuh tukar #UndiRosak kepada #MaraBersama

Pilihan semasa mengundi hendaklah dibuat tanpa dipengaruhi emosi dan merosakkan undi hanya menghalang kita membentuk masa depan anak-anak kita.

PH must address #UndiRosak detractors

Political parties must choose their candidates carefully or risk losing the trust of voters.

Let’s move from #UndiRosak to #ForwardTogether

As the nation readies for GE14, voters must bear in mind that fewer decisions should be dictated by sentiments, and more on objectivity.