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Tag: Ung Su Ling

Najib said news on RM42 million damaged his career, ex-YR1M chief...

Ung Su Ling says he was also 'very annoyed' when told that money from Ihsan Perdana had gone into his account.

Ex-foundation chief aided RM42 million transfer to Najib’s accounts, court told

Former YR1M CEO Ung Su Ling says the directive came from Najib Razak's principal private secretary at the time, Azlin Alias.

Majlis Olimpik nafi lantik wanita dikaitkan Jho Low jadi COO

MOM menafikan laporan mengenai pelantikan Ung Su Ling sebagai COO.

Olympic body now says no decision yet on appointing Jho Low-linked...

Olympic Council of Malaysia denies a report that Ung Su Ling is its new COO.

Wanita pernah dikaitkan Jho Low dilantik COO Majlis Olimpik

Ung Su Ling adalah bekas CEO YR1M, badan kebajikan yang dipengerusikan Najib Razak dan pernah menguruskan pelaburan untuk Jho Low.

Woman previously linked to Jho Low named as Olympic Council COO

The Olympic Council of Malaysia says Ung Su Ling has not been implicated in any investigation.