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Murgh Tikka: Pakistan-style BBQ spiced chicken

Tikka means pieces or morsels. Thanks to the spiced yogurt marinade they become succulent flavoured morsels, perfect for gatherings.

A Taste From Home: Tales of courage, perseverance and identity

This narrative cookbook shares the stories and recipes of refugees in Malaysia and their efforts to nourish their families in their new home.

Malaysia deports anti-monarchy Thai woman despite UNHCR refugee status

Praphan Pipithnamporn fled to Malaysia early this year after she was accused of sedition for her republican views.

65 lemas kapal tenggelam di perairan Tunisia

Media melaporkan, 16 orang berjaya diselamatkan dan dibawa ke pantai Zarzis oleh tentera laut Tunisia.

Sabah to consider placing refugees on border island, says CM

Shafie Apdal says this might be done in the case of an influx from neighbouring countries, although the refugees will not be sheltered on the mainland.

UNHCR maintains refugee status for Chin community

The agency says the group still needs international protection given the worsening security situation in Chin state in Myanmar.

Impian pelarian Myanmar berkecai jika Malaysia hantar mereka pulang

Ia selepas UNHCR menarik balik perlindungannya selepas mengisytihar bahawa Myanmar sudah selamat untuk penduduk Chin kembali ke tanah air mereka.

Time for a comprehensive policy for refugees

Once issues relating to documentation, employment, education and healthcare are addressed, refugees can fill a crucial human resources gap for Malaysia.

Young dreams dashed as Malaysia prepares to send back 40,000 Chin...

UNHCR has declared Myanmar safe and will no longer renew Chin refugee cards beginning 2020.

How a 15-year-old set out to change life for refugees

Al-Hasan Volunteer Network founder Hasan Al-Akraa is 19 now and dreams of becoming Syria's education minister one day.

Saudi teen who fled family leaves Thailand for asylum in Canada

The decision is likely to exacerbate Canada's already poor relations with Saudi Arabia.

Australia to ‘carefully consider’ Saudi woman’s asylum plea

Australia's government which takes a hard line on immigration may revoke the Saudi woman's tourist visa, but will not affect her plea for refuge.

UNHCR examining Saudi woman’s asylum bid as family due in Bangkok

The Saudi government said it had not demanded her deportation, adding the case is a "family affair", but under the "care and attention" of the embassy.

UN: 250,000 refugees could return to Syria next year

The UNHCR is working with the Syrian government to try to improve conditions for those who wish to return.

NGO tempatan bergelut tangani banjir pelarian

Pelarian sendiri perlu tahu tentang saluran bantuan serta pilihan yang tersedia untuk mereka.

Battles rock Yemen port city as UN warns of ‘living hell’

53 Huthi rebels have been killed and dozens wounded in battles and air strikes over the past 24 hours.

PBS gesa Imigresen benar UNHCR urus masalah pelarian di Sabah

Nampak seolah-olah tangan kanan tidak tahu apakah yang dilakukan oleh tangan kiri

NGO: Kanak-kanak Rohingya wajar dapat pengesahan ke sekolah kerajaan

Etnik Rohingnya di sini sedia memiliki kad pelarian PBB, tetapi ia tidak diterima di sekolah kerajaan dan sekolah agama.

UNHCR sahkan warga Syria terkandas berstatus pelarian, kata Suhakam

Suhakam tidak melihat keperluan mendesak untuk pihak berkuasa segera menghantar pulang Hassan ke negara asal.

Jangan usir lelaki Syria terkandas di klia2, kata kumpulan hak asasi

Kumpulan hak asasi manusia menggesa kerajaan melayan Hassan Al Kontar sebagai pencari suaka.

Afghans need asylum, not bear blame for few crimes in Europe,...

French police detained a man purportedly from Afghanistan, who wounded several people in a knife attack in central Paris on Sunday.

Far from home, Japanese woman chips in for refugee kids in...

Akiko Ijitsu says it feels good to be able to help the children forget their troubles.

Italy disembarks stranded migrants, Salvini under investigation

The migrants had been stranded in the port of Catania since Monday because the government refused to let them off the boat until other EU states agreed to take some of them in.

Italy allows some migrants off stranded boat amid EU row

11 women and five men were given permission by the government to get off, following a request by the port's health authority for doctors to visit those on board.