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Chin Tong settles ‘communist uniform’ defamation suit

The terms of settlement, which included an apology to the deputy defence minister, were recorded before a High Court judge, says lawyer Ramkarpal Singh.

No more honorary military ranks for politicians, celebrities, says Mat Sabu

The defence minister says only those who undergo military training are allowed to be conferred such ranks or to don uniforms.

Removal of activists’ portraits is censorship, says ex-Bar president

Ragunath Kesavan also hits out at Penang government for ‘meekly’ following directives from the Prime Minister's Department and removing the portraits although it espouses freedom of expression.

Don’t allow public to wear military uniforms, says MP

Danyal Balagopal Abdullah says this is to safeguard the image of the armed forces.

Give our military the respect they deserve

Only serving and retired servicemen should wear a uniform as they have earned the right to do so.

Nufam: Form new airline for stewardesses in shariah-compliant uniforms

Union for flight attendants tells senator not to disturb or interfere with existing practice.

Senator: Air stewardesses should wear shariah-compliant uniforms

Hanafi Mamat says airlines should portray Malaysia’s image as a Muslim country.

FAM: National football squads to adopt uniform ‘game play’

Tunku Mahkota of Johor says FAM technical director Peter De Roo is tasked with formulating a tactical plan to elevate the standard of football in the country.

Police apologise to lawyers over ‘cut and paste’ allegation

Problem arises at Pastor Koh's inquiry over picture from newspaper featuring police officers wearing black balaclava without police insignia.

Woman jailed for cheating school friend of RM500,000

Woman is handed a four-year jail sentence for leading her friend to believe she had won a tender to supply uniforms to the defence ministry.

Parents shocked over hike in prices of school supplies

Checks by KPDNKK has found that supermarkets and shops have increased the prices of school supplies, especially school uniforms.

Nufam: Why waste money changing MAB uniforms?

It is better for MAB management to compensate terminated employees than to spend on makeover, says union

New ruling on dress code will disadvantage the poor

MIC Youth Chief feels the Education Ministry’s directive on casual wear to school is unnecessary and will negatively affect poorer students.

Where are the guns coming from?

DAP sec-gen Lim Guan Eng has brushed aside claims that release of EO detainees factored in the recent crime rate hike.