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Tag: Unilateral conversion

Child rights activist voices fears over unilateral conversions

James Nayagam says a divorce between spouses of different religions can cause deep trauma in children because of the likelihood of heightened animosity between the parents.

Malaysians now reject racial politics, says PKR veep

Zuraida Kamaruddin rubbishes claim the Selangor MB's proposed amendment on unilateral conversion is to strengthen certain leaders’ political power among Malay voters.

My principles more important than my career, says Selangor exco man

V Ganabatirau says his stand against the unilateral conversion of minors is 'crystal clear'.

Unilateral conversion laws have been abused, rights group tells Selangor

Hakam says that more often than not, it is the parent from the minority religion who is disadvantaged and suffers the greatest hardships.

Selangor MB denies administration in turmoil over unilateral conversion

Amirudin Shari says while the administration does not agree on all matters, this does not prevent it from remaining united.

Proposed unilateral conversion wasn’t in order paper, says Selangor speaker

Ng Suee Lim refutes claims that he had adjourned the state assembly earlier out of dissatisfaction.

Unilateral conversion unconstitutional, say DAP leaders

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng and Selangor DAP chairman Gobind Singh Deo say they will not support any bills for unilateral conversion.

Court tells why Muslim mum ordered to surrender custody of kids...

The Court of Appeal says the Muslim convert mother breached a consent order on her children's religious upbringing and disregarded her daughter's safety.

Another unilateral conversion dispute could spell review of Federal Court rulings,...

Nizam Bashir says the legal battle could also determine the right of children to profess the religion of their choice.

No plans to amend law to ban unilateral conversion of minors,...

The home minister says this is based on the AGC's conclusion that the courts have the prerogative to interpret legal provisions.

Court cases that rocked the nation in 2018

Last year saw some of the biggest court cases in recent history – from a landmark decision on conversions to the charging of a former prime minister over the 1MDB scandal.

Buddhist dad wins bid to annul kids’ conversion to Islam

High Court rules that it is bound to revoke the conversion by a single parent based on the ruling on M Indira Gandhi's case earlier this year.

Court orders Muslim mum to surrender children’s custody to Buddhist dad

The woman is considering appealing the Court of Appeal decision while the former husband is challenging the conversion of the children in another High Court.

CJ’s office probes alleged meddling by senior judges in court decisions

Chief Justice Richard Malanjum’s office says appropriate action will be taken after the investigation is completed.

Bar wants RCI into ‘reprimand’ of senior judge in Indira case

Malaysian Bar president George Varughese says any attempt by a top judge to curtail other judges’ ability to perform their duties is a serious instance of judicial misconduct.

Name and shame the top judge, says ex-judge over claim of...

No judge whether even from a superior court has the right to interfere in how a judgment is delivered, says Gopal Sri Ram.

I was put in cold storage after Indira verdict, says judge

Hamid Sultan Abu Backer says a top judge scolded him for his dissenting judgment in a conversion case and that subsequently he was not assigned to hear cases related to the constitution.

Unilateral conversion: Enact law, don’t rely on judgments, says lawyer

Ravi Nekoo says the Federal Court ruling that the consent of both spouses is needed to convert their minor children could be departed from if another bench decides otherwise.

Divorced dad has no say in kids’ religious upbringing, court told

Lawyer for FT Islamic Religious Department Nizam Bashir says the Muslim convert mother should decide on the children’s religious upbringing as she is their valid guardian.

Lawyer: Out of line for Kula to meet IGP over Indira’s...

However, the human resources minister says he is acting in his capacity as Ipoh Barat MP as Indira Gandhi is a voter in his constituency.

Indira Gandhi grateful to Kula for pushing for arrest of ex-hubby

The mother questions why police have yet to locate her ex-husband who took away her youngest daughter despite a court order to arrest him and return the child.

PAS man: Amend Islamic law to avoid Indira Gandhi cases

Hamid Ismail says Sabah enactment should be reviewed to avoid clashes between the shariah courts and civil courts.

Indira nominated for US Women of Courage award

She had fought to have her children's unilateral conversion set aside.

Indira’s children were never Muslims, says lawyer

Lawyer K Shunmuga says Federal Court ruling in revoking conversion certificates made it clear as the children did not recite the ‘dua kalimah syahadah’.