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Tag: United Airlines

Malaysian charged with taking secret video in US airplane toilet

He is alleged to have fixed a camera in the first-class toilet of a United Airlines flight, and becomes the first person to be hauled up under the law since it was enacted in 2004.

United CEO promises to rebook passengers concerned about 737 MAX

United are the only company to make such an announcement so far.

Boeing 787 diverted to New Caledonia with smoke from cockpit

Oxygen masks automatically dropped down in the cabin of the United Airlines plane.

United Airlines’ Boeing 787 makes emergency landing in Sydney

Most passengers on board were reportedly unaware the alarm had been raised.

Dog dies in United overhead bin

A woman flying with children and a small dog was pressured by a flight attendant to put her dog in overhead storage during the 3-1/2 hour flight.

Bellew lauds MAS response time over MH128 incident

Getting a response out within 15 minutes worked well for Malaysia Airlines in mid-air crisis on flight MH128 from Melbourne to KL on May 31, says CEO Peter Bellew.

Dragged United passenger ‘aggressive’, officers say

Officer James Long grabbed Dao to pull him off his seat, later writing that the man "started swinging his arms up and down with a closed fist."

United Airlines removes engaged couple travelling to wedding from plane

United said the couple repeatedly tried to sit in more expensive seats for which they had not paid and would not follow flight crew instructions.

Policy changes at United after passenger dragged off plane

The airline says it will make sure crews travelling on its aircraft are booked into seats at least 60 minutes before departure.

Fury in Vietnam over United passenger dragged from plane

The ire in Vietnam grew quickly after it was reported that Dao's origins were not in the Southeast Asian country's old enemy, China, as many had at first assumed.

China internet outcry over United passenger fiasco

Footage of the Sunday showdown was reposted to Sina Weibo, where the subject quickly became the top trending topic, garnering over 120 million views and 80,000 comments -- many of them highly nationalistic in tone.

United Air bars girls with leggings, ignites Twitter storm

United Airlines clarified that the girls prevented from boarding were "pass riders" -- those who fly free or at heavily reduced rates because they are airline employees or their relatives.