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Tag: United Kingdom

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver serves time on restaurants

Jamie Oliver's restaurant group collapse will affect some 1,300 jobs in the United Kingdom, however its international division is unaffected.

UK will fine Facebook, Instagram for hosting terrorist content

In the wake of free media being distributed on Facebook and Instagram, the UK decides to take action of social media sites.

BBC: British Olympic team set to have more women than men

The number of women in the British team could rise above 50% from 44% during the 2016 Rio games, chief de mission Mark England says.

Britain’s luxury sector warns of US$8.9 billion loss from no-deal Brexit

Research by Walpole. the luxury industry's lobby group, indicates up to 20% of British luxury exports would be at risk if a no-deal Brexit takes place.

Theresa May buckles: British PM to rule out no-deal Brexit

May makes a last-ditch effort to get changes to Brexit deal as March 29 dateline approaches.

Some reusable coffee cups more hygienic than others

British study finds that plastic cups contain a high level of bacteria even after being thoroughly cleaned.

Germany under fire for Saudi arms export ban

Polls have shown some two-thirds of German citizens reject weapons exports, owing to Germany's dark and bloody history.

Deal or no deal, the damage has already been done for...

SEB says Brexit has already damaged economy while Aberdeen Standard favours keeping short-pound positions for now.

Ninth lawmaker quits Britain’s opposition Labour Party

Lawmaker Ian Austin says that leaving Labour is hard, but he is ashamed of Corbyn and will not help make him PM.

IS teen ‘shocked’ after UK revokes her citizenship

Shamima Begum says the order is upsetting, frustrating and unjust to her and her son.

8th lawmaker quits Britain’s Labour Party

Joan Ryan leaves her party over Labour leader Corbyn's stance on Brexit and alleged anti-Semitism.

Britain does not support total Huawei network ban, say sources

British foreign intelligence head says the situation with Huawei is complex and a complete ban is unfeasible.

UK rhubarb growers cash in on culinary renaissance

New generation of British chefs drawn to rhubarb's deep red colour and sharp flavour.

UK eyes Brexit compromise after parliament rejects May’s plan

Brexit Secretary says that Britain doesn't need to reopen divorce agreement.

Brexit talks head for late showdown as no-deal crisis looms

Brit PM may win a late concession from European leaders at a summit in Brussels, but chances are low.

May seeks more time for Brexit talks as no-deal split fears...

Labour MP warns that a no-deal situation will be "catastrophic".

The new Picasso? Meet Ai-Da the robot artist

Ai-Da is the world’s first 'AI ultra-realistic robot artist' and is undergoing the final stages of her construction.

‘More prison cell than bedroom’: photo series spotlights homes of London’s...

A study has noted an increase in numbers of working British families without a stable place to live.

Clowns tramp to east London on annual pilgrimage

The streets of east London erupted with slapstick humour on Sunday as clowns from all over gathered for the annual memorial of the legendary Joseph Grimaldi.

Germany nearly catches S.Korea as innovation champ, US rebounds

The 2019 Bloomberg Innovation Index crowns South Korea the most innovative economy, though improvements by Germany in research and education brought Europe’s largest economy to near-parity in the annual ranking.

Leading Brexit donors say Britain will reverse decision to leave EU

Veteran hedge fund manager Crispin Odey is now positioning for the pound to strengthen after his flagship fund previously reaped the benefit of betting against UK assets amid wider market fears about the impact of Brexit.

Brexit sends Britons seeking Irish passports up 22% in 2018

Anybody born in the Irish Republic or Northern Ireland, or with an Irish parent or grandparent, is entitled to an Irish passport.

Queen Elizabeth extols goodwill and respect in Christmas message

The 92-year-old monarch will also speak of family and friendship following a year in which her grandson Prince Harry married US-born actress Meghan Markle.

The cost of studying in the UK: Part I

Although the cost may seem daunting to many, there are various reasons why studying in the UK will not burn a hole in your pocket.