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Tag: United Nations

Philippines turn to UN after boat collision in South China Sea

The Philippines asks the United Nations to make protecting life at sea a priority after the collision this month between a Filipino fishing boat and a Chinese vessel in the South China Sea.

US, others object to UN counterterrorism chief visit to China’s Xinjiang

The US and other countries object to a visit by the UN counterterrorism chief to China's remote Xinjiang, where a million ethnic Uighurs and other Muslims are reportedly being held in detention centres.

Duterte denies ordering drug killings as UN experts urge probe

Rodrigo Duterte denies he ordered police to kill suspects involved in illegal drugs, he merely said to destroy the apparatus of the drug organisation.

Philippines rejects call for UN rights council probe

Manila is describing UN's call for an independent probe into Philippines alleged human rights violations on drug dealers and gangs as an interference in its affairs.

UN study finds 115 million child grooms globally

The study finds that the Central African Republic has the highest rate of child marriage among boys followed by Nicaragua and Madagascar.

China, Russia block UN action on Sudan

China and Russia block a bid at the UN Security Council to condemn the killing of civilians in Sudan.

US says all North Korea’s weapons of mass destruction violate UN...

The US State Department says North Korea’s entire weapons of mass destruction program violates UN Security Council resolutions.

US walks out of UN arms forum as Venezuela takes chair

The United States walks out of the Conference on Disarmament in protest of Venezuela assuming the rotating presidency of the UN-sponsored forum – as it did a year ago when Syria took the chair.

UN report: North Koreans paying bribes to survive

North Koreans are bribing officials to survive in their isolated country where corruption is “endemic” and repression rife, the UN human rights office said.

N. Korea demands UN action over ship seizure by ‘gangster’ US

North Korea wants its M/V Wise Honest ship back from the United States calling the United Nations to help in getting back their cargo ship.

UN chief hails Pacific’s ‘moral authority’ on climate

UN Secretary General says Pacific region was on the front line of climate change and possesses 'a unique moral authority' to demand global action.

UN official urges aid access for Myanmar’s Rakhine state

A U.N. official has stated that authorities in Myanmar had turned down requests for her to meet with refugees in the Rakhine area, and urges for the country to grant aid workers 'predictable, sustained access' into the state.

UN envoy says new Syria committee could be agreed soon

Geir Pedersen believes the differences have been narrowed and that an agreement is within reach in drafting a new constitution for post-war Syria.

UN chief calls for immediate halt to Libya fighting

The oil-rich northern African country has been rocked by violent power struggles between an array of armed groups since the NATO-backed overthrow of dictator Moamer Gaddafi in 2011.

Arab countries hold off on UN action over US move on...

The US decision to recognise the Golan comes as Washington’s European and Arab allies are keenly awaiting US proposals for a Middle East peace plan.

Britain, France, Germany seek full UN report of Iran missile activity

Iran's missile technology is not part of the United Nations resolution.

UN rebukes Vietnam for activist arrests, executions

Despite presiding over sweeping reforms and an increasingly market-oriented economy, the Communist Party of Vietnam tolerates little criticism.

Bangladesh says no hurry to relocate Rohingya

The world body called for a thorough assessment to ensure the viability of the move.

UN experts rebuke US ‘threats’, visa ban on ICC investigators

Mike Pompeo said that the US will withdraw or deny visas to any ICC personnel investigating possible war crimes by US forces or allies in Afghanistan.

UN warns of millions of premature deaths by 2050 due to...

Human health is in 'dire straits' due to unsustainable development and poor environmental protection.

China prevents UN blacklisting of leader behind Kashmir attack

Pakistan-based militant group Jaish-e-Mohammad is a primarily anti-India group that forged ties with al-Qaeda and was blacklisted by the UN Security Council in 2001.

UN: Environment damage behind 1 in 4 global deaths, disease

The Global Environment Outlook report depicts a widening gap between rich and poor countries and the effects the developed world has on the developing.

Plastic in crosshairs at UN forum

The UN wants individual countries to sign up to "significantly" reduce plastic production, including a phasing out of single-use plastics by 2030

19 UN-affiliated personnel killed in Ethiopian crash, says agency chief

All 157 people on board were killed when the Boeing 737 crashed shortly after takeoff from Addis Ababa on a flight to Nairobi, where the UN conference was being held.