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Tag: United States of America

China state media blasts US after Trump threats

The world's two largest economies have been locked in an increasingly bitter trade war which has seen them level tariffs on each other's exports.

Israel’s Netanyahu, in close election race, visits US ally

Netanyahu's meeting with Trump on Monday could be overshadowed by the expected release of the Mueller report.

The apprentice meets the master as Bolsonaro visits Trump

President Bolsonaro has embraced Trump enthusiastically, and his son Eduardo recently addressed a Trump rally in Florida, urging the crowd to “build that wall.”

Trump is said to push for China deal with market gains...

Donald Trump is hoping for success after the Hanoi summit ended in failure and is thus, turning his attention to US stock market performance.

Anti-Semitism rebuke threatens rift among House Democrats

US House of Representatives to vote on a resolution that targets Ilhan Omar’s comments about Israeli influence in American politics.

Iran’s Khamenei doubted Europe could help Tehran against US sanctions

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei did not share President Rouhani's optimism over the 2015 nuclear deal with the Europeans.

US tries to safeguard Afghan peace push from India-Pakistan crisis

Pakistani officials say that a full-blown crisis with India will affect their ability to support Afghan peace talks.

Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou lodges complaint against Canada authorities, say lawyers

Complaining about her rights being breached, the Huawei CFO is seeking compensation from the Canadian authorities.

At least 23 dead in Alabama tornado, toll expected to rise,...

Emergency workers toil through the night, pulling bodies and the injured out of wrecked homes and businesses.

Trump suggests Cohen hearing contributed to failure of N.Korea summit

While Trump was away at the Hanoi Summit, former aide Cohen was testifying about Trump's alleged misdeeds before US Representatives.

US said to ready final China trade deal as hawks urge...

Plans for a US-China summit in mid-March are made complicated by Xi Jinping's tight schedule.

Oil rises on Opec’s cuts, but soaring US exports and economic...

Opec has been withholding supply since January but record US output and exports offset the group's cuts.

US, China are said to discuss chicken as trade talks progress

China wants to ship chicken-made products to the US in return for reopening its market for American poultry.

Tax law gives Wall Street break when buying private jets

As Republicans create more tax breaks for the rich, millionaires buy private jets for their own purposes.

New York community seeks cohesion after anti-Semitic attacks

A New York neighbourhood has been rocked by an increasing spate of attacks on its Jewish community, bringing about fears and questions.

US oil imports at 23-year-low, output hits another record

The fall of imports comes as Venezuelan oil shipments drop due to US sanctions against Maduro and the Saudis' attempt to curb exports.

Huawei faces first US hearing in criminal case, CFO decision

US prosecutors say Huawei stole information from T-Mobile and offered bonuses to employees who stole information from rivals.

Senate panel wants Chinese-funded institutes to change or leave US

A report critical of Chinese-funded Confucius Institutes in the United States comes amid a trade war between Washington and Beijing.

Trump-Kim talks in question as Hanoi summit abruptly cut short

No reason was given for the schedule change while South Korean stocks and currency react negatively.

US demolishes Trump’s border wall prototypes

Border official says that the prototypes have no further use and demolition is a cheaper option.

Huawei says US has ‘no evidence’ of 5G spying allegations

Chairman Guo Ping says that the US has no evidence against Huawei and ironically, allows its own entities to access cross-border data.

Trump’s company reports profit rose from foreign governments

Trump Organisation donates profits to counter criticism that Trump may be unconstitutionally accepting foreign money.

Crude oil plummets as President Trump warns against high prices

Trump puts Saudi Arabia and Opec allies in a bind after fears of the US-China trade war and Venezuela sanctions had diminished.

Trump says order to block Huawei 5G sales is an option

Trump's aides advised him to hold off banning Huawei as trade talks are still ongoing.