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The Cabinet should ask: Will this unite or divide Malaysians

In the past, several policies or their implementation served to divide Malaysians, but in the New Malaysia, all policies should be geared towards forging unity

‘Setia’ songstress Fran calls for unity

Francissca Peter appeals to Malaysians and local artistes to unite following controversial remarks made about Malaysian Chinese and Indians.

The fading vision of ‘Malaysia Baru’

The idealistic promise of a new Malaysia is slowly receding from our reach despite the government's efforts in seeking a more equal society.

A plea for unity from ex-minister Hishammuddin

The country should reject bigotry and extremism.

Happy birthday, Dr M, but don’t ask us to join PPBM,...

The BN MP hopes Chinese and Indians could also be brought under one roof.

Let’s hear DAP, PKR’s views, says Hisham on call for ‘Malay...

The former Umno vice-president says PAS and Umno must not be arrogant in their response as the 'people are watching'.

No Bangsa Johor, just Bangsa Malaysia, says MP

PKR's Hassan Karim says the 'Bangsa Johor' concept is parochial and bad for unity.

Racial gap widening as each race thinks of its own first,...

Jeyakumar says this division along ethnic lines has worsened post-GE14, with both Umno and PH contributing to the problem.

Peninsula remains stumbling block to achieving national unity, claims don

Prof Jayum Jawan states ethnic and religious problems start in the peninsula and hopes they won't spill over to Sarawak.

No proof vernacular schools cause disunity, say politicians, academic

They say the education system alone cannot be blamed for lack of unity and that any link between disunity and vernacular schools is sketchy at best.

When does learning another language cause disunity?

There are so many factors causing division in Malaysia, but vernacular schools always seem to be singled out.

Ties that bind a la Sudirman, Yasmin and Siti Hasmah

Chandra Muzaffar says certain personalities bring people together while professor Teo Kok Seong says this was true before May 13 but not now.

Selangor sultan sounds warning over Malay disunity

Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah says the Malays must be united and put aside all wrangling.

Let’s keep Malaysia beautiful, not see it burn

To help foster unity, the government should make it a priority to educate people on fact checking, especially postings on social media.

This humble ‘Malay man’ has raised the image of Islam

It is little acts of kindness that help us appreciate each other’s humanity and faiths, not the strident cries of the wilfully blind.

Start thinking as a Malaysian please, ex-servicemen tell Perlis mufti

National Patriot’s Association says Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin is wrong to claim that Muslims are being bullied under the PH government and that as Mufti he should work to make the nation better.

Treasure peace before it’s too late

A nation will not truly appreciate the worth of living in peace until its people are embroiled in chaos and turbulence.

Society being split by design, not coincidence, says Waytha

The minister says certain quarters are playing up racial and religious issues, and making unsubstantiated claims that their way of life and beliefs are under threat.

Mr Education Minister, put the Tiger spirit in school and watch...

Education Minister Maszlee Malik should look to premier schools such as King Edward VII, Taiping, and Victoria Institution in working out plans to improve the education system.

Tour de Langkawi is Malaysia’s pride, says Mahathir

The prime minister says many have fond memories of the cycling event, which enters its 24th edition this year.

Affirmative action a flop, make it needs-based, says Sabah think tank...

Institute for Development Studies Sabah chairman Simon Sipaun says the policy has become a divisive factor defeating the objectives of the NEP.

Malaysian agenda vs Malay agenda: The battle begins

With the Umno-PAS alliance clearly stating it will fight for the good of the Muslims, the stage is set for a political struggle between a coalition promoting a Malay agenda and another that is embracing a Malaysian outlook.

Umno-PAS ties to be formalised through committee

Umno acting president Mohamad Hasan says cooperation with PAS will go beyond politics.

Diversity is Malaysia’s strength, don’t let it weaken us, says Tok...

At MCA's Chinese New Year open house, Umno acting president Mohamad Hasan says people should drop any feeling of suspicion about each other that they have and embrace unity.