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Restore Malay dignity with excellence in graduates, says Kadir

PM's media adviser on media and communications directs his advice at the universities that took part in the Malay Dignity Congress.

Senior lecturers exploit their juniors

It is not easy for junior academic staff to decline requests from their influential seniors.

Former higher education minister slams merger of Terengganu varsities

Khaled Nordin says the government should have done a study and presented the findings first before making such a decision.

Education ministry confirms merger of 2 Terengganu varsities

The Cabinet has agreed 'in principle' to the merger of the institutions and the education ministry is preparing a framework for it implementation.

Merge struggling universities, let PTPTN be an investor

Proposals to streamline higher education through long-awaited structural reform.

Vice-chancellor backs merger of two Terengganu universities

Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin's vice-chancellor Hassan Basri Awang Mat Dahan says merging the universities is like forming a brigade with two battalions.

Student body wants a say on possible uni merger

UMT's student body says there are many questions that need to be answered by the relevant parties.

Putrajaya may merge 2 Terengganu universities

According to a source close to the matter, the high cost is behind the decision to merge the institutions.

Malaysia ill-prepared for IR 4.0, employers group agrees

The Malaysian Employers Federation says students at all levels must be equipped with proper technology and IT knowledge if the nation wants to compete successfully.

Why sideline Sabah when choosing new uni head, asks Upko man

The state government should have been consulted over the appointment of new Universiti Malaysia Sabah vice-chancellor, says Upko man

Corporations, companies can now buy special vehicle numbers for RM5 mil

The companies will also be allowed to sell these numbers.

Wipe out plagiarism, urges council of heads of varsities

Plagiarising other people's work is a serious academic breach of trust, says UUM's Sudin Haron.

Does Perak really need another university?

It is difficult to keep up with the number of universities in Malaysia as they keep mushrooming.

The sorry state of Malaysian academics

A true public intellectual will remain consistently relevant in the goal to develop a critical society, and there is no room for selfish, egotistical agendas.

All varsities should condemn thuggish behaviour, says Maszlee

Education minister says it is not right for university authorities to project an unclear stand and take the safe route when students are attacked by 'irresponsible parties'.

Donations to universities sometimes have strings attached

Only naive people would think that a political despot donates for altruistic reasons.

The problem of Malaysia’s ailing education system

Empty slogans and political rhetoric will not help bring the country to greater heights, especially not in the education sector.

Outlining his education vision, Maszlee talks of character-building, autonomy

The education minister sets three key objectives for the basis of improvements in schools and universities.

Schools, universities next up for smoking ban?

The health ministry is considering the move to ensure a healthy environment for non-smokers.

Time to rethink the Malaysian Qualifications Agency and its panels

The MQA must function as a facilitator, and no longer as a police force, to ensure a more conducive environment for the creation of useful and dynamic education programmes.

Suhakam releases annual report, says worried about Malaysia’s direction

The 348-page report underlines various human rights issues such as child marriages, freedom of speech and stateless children, which continue to plague society.

Anwar calls for critical thinking among students

There is a need to focus on digital technology, biotechnology and the environment, he says.

Public varsities need hard reset to meet market demand, says Ramasamy

The Penang deputy CM urges universities to tie up with companies to produce workforce relevant to market demand.

A free market would see private universities fail from Day 1

Private universities are meant to fail; providing financial assistance means the government is merely subsidising their profit.