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Go for politics, not power, PKR rep tells youth

Dr Afif Bahardin says the country's leadership will benefit from the expertise and knowledge of young professionals.

Analysts: Anti-UEC stand shows no reform in Umno Youth

Analysts say Umno is harping on the Unified Examination Certificate and national language issues to attract conservative Malay support.

Give scholarships to attract foreign students, says education firm

Education Malaysia Global Services CEO Rujhan Mustafa says one way to attract more foreign students is by giving them full or partial scholarships.

VCs who please political masters must go, says Patriot

Arshad Raji tells of problems such as plagiarism, poor English and lacklustre academic attitude under the leadership of the previous government.

USM ranked 14th among world’s young varsities

Latest QS rankings of 50 best young universities show USM up by nine places from last year.

Shift varsities’ focus towards rebuilding Malaysia

Funds should be allocated to tertiary education scholarships, research and community enhancement projects on the subject of race and religious understanding.

Let academics elect the heads of universities

Vice-chancellors should not be appointed by ministers, and top management posts should be filled through election by their peers.

MMA calls for more training hospitals, houseman slots

More posts for housemen will allow new doctors to be placed more quickly, says MMA chief Ravindran Naidu.

Health ministry taking action to end glut of doctors, nurses

Dzulkefly Ahmad says no new degree programmes, no increase in medical student intake, and more training slots for graduates.

Political VCs and free speech problem at universities

Law lecturer Azmi Sharom says education minister's order for open forums provide only a short-term solution, and calls for vice-chancellors who are independent of the ministry.

UEC recognition may take more than 100 days

Analysts and educationists pin hopes on PH living up to its promises, after abolition of professors council removes an obstacle.

Make social work part of school curriculum, says academic

Zaharom Nain says it is important for students to be aware of what is happening outside of school.

Alumni body says no to opening up UiTM to non-Malays

The Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Alumni Association says the university is part of rights enjoyed by the Malays and the government should therefore dismiss Hundraf’s request for non-Malay inclusion.

An open letter to our new education minister

Maszlee Malik should address the concerns of the people over his religious leanings and the religious-centric character of the current education system.

Public universities need complete overhaul, says Ramasamy

The Penang deputy chief minister II says the PH government must remove the Umno influence in public universities, introduce diversification in recruitment of lecturers and allow greater student freedom.

Remove all politically appointed varsity heads, NGO tells Maszlee

The Malaysian Academic Movement urges new education minister to undertake crucial reforms to improve academic environment, including abolishing the National Council of Professors.

Out with the old, in with the new

Malaysia is still light years away when it comes to riding the wave of creativity, so laws and practices and norms that stand in the way should be removed.

Turkey acts against French studies at universities amid Quran row

Turkey's action is a response to rising anti-Islamic sentiments in France.

Anifah plans varsity campus for Kimanis

BN candidate says he is concerned about youth unemployment and will create job opportunities and develop small industries.

Beyoncé to donate US$100,000 for scholarships at black universities

The Homecoming Scholars Award Program will give US$25,000 ( in scholarship money to a student respectively at Xavier University, Wilberforce University, Tuskegee University, and Bethune-Cookman University.

Chinese universities reject professor after 20-year-old assault allegation goes viral

Language professor Shen Yang has been accused of committing an act of sexual assault that led to the victim's suicide in 1998.

Guidebook to help institutions tailor courses to meet job needs

It will help educational institutions to produce graduates to meet market demands of the future.

Chile court strikes down ban on for-profit universities

The court's decision challenges tuition reforms pioneered by former president Michelle Bachelet.

We’ll put more Indian students in varsities, says Najib

Prime Minister says community needs more help as it has not achieved 7% target for students in matriculation colleges and public universities.