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Professor Doerak delivers the purr-fect message of love

The University of Groningen in the Netherlands has a post-graduate cat named Professor Doerak strolling through its campus grounds.

London uni bans beef to fight climate change

Climate campaigners praise the move by Goldsmiths and urge others to follow suit.

Not true we did nothing, says US varsity on Msian student...

Utah State University spokesman says faculty members had given Jerusha Sanjeevi counselling after she complained of being bullied.

Australian universities face probe over China deals

The Australian government is looking at whether deals between 13 Australian universities and the Confucius Institutes breach new foreign interference laws, says its Education Minister.

The 5 worst team mates to work with on projects

Student life is made a lot harder when working with people you cannot rely on.

Scholars or charlatans?

The lack of academic freedom is a secondary reason for a dead academic culture.

6 monster roommates to fear

Who needs haunted houses when the dorm room is already inhabited by creatures of the supernatural?

Decadence in academe

There is a trend to separate human development from economic growth and nation building.

Our academic regression is at a critical stage

When it comes to education, we have failed to adopt and adapt because we are ignorant of what to adopt and adapt.

I did it to protect students, says Malaysian sexually harassed at...

She is disappointed that the married tutor, who was teaching part-time at Prince Philip Dental Hospital, was reemployed after she finished her studies.

Malaysia’s R&D spending more than Finland’s, but is it worth it,...

A public health interest group asks whether Malaysia is getting value for money.

Protesters march across Brazil, enraged by Bolsonaro education cuts

Protestors gathered in Brazilian cities on Wednesday to march against education spending freezes imposed by the government, which called the cuts 'non-obligatory spending' with relation to the government's own unstable fiscal situation.

Ministry proposes Islamic chair in UiTM named after Brunei ruler

The focus of the chair would be on Islamic leadership and implementation of shariah.

Democratic resistance in our education system

One year after GE14, our academics have yet to crawl out of the woodwork and expose themselves as agents of change.

Ramasamy taken aback by decision to retain 90:10 quota for matriculation

DAP man says non-Malay supporters of Pakatan Harapan will definitely be disappointed by the Cabinet decision.

What to do after varsity: Fresh grads, listen up

Leave your sense of entitlement at the door because landing a first job requires marketable skills and a realistic approach to salary.

Student dialogue off but Najib still going to UKM

The former prime minister also questions the government's commitment to allowing free speech on campus.

5 reasons why you should study in the US

Known for its excellent international reputation, US varsities are bastions of cultural diversity and invest in optimised classroom experiences and more.

Paper chase in pursuit of scrolls, not knowledge

Malaysians are obsessed with paper qualification, with the ends often justifying the means, say academics.

Politicians and their obsession with fake degrees

Can we trust politicians who have no qualms about using a fake degree when they declare their assets to the public?

Thai universities tap into rising Chinese demand

Institutions are scrambling to meet a recent surge in demand as Chinese students look for alternatives to Western schools.

Kill classmates instead of complaining, varsity official in India tells students

Uttar Pradesh is notorious for communal tensions and crime, and has been plagued by incidents of mob violence in recent weeks.

Iran students in rare protest over deadly campus bus crash

Students have called for the university's bus fleet to be replaced.

The cost of studying in the UK: Part 2

Choosing a university outside London will cost you less as will shopping with a student card and buying groceries from a hypermarket.