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Anti-hopping law will uphold what is morally right, says Shad

Politicians have the right to hop, says law expert, but they must resign to allow a fresh election.

Let’s move on, says Sabah PH chief on Sabah varsity’s VC...

Christina Liew declines to comment on Upko statement that PH is no better than BN as it did not consult the state government on the appointment.

Tangau breaks silence over his ‘forced conversions’ FB posting

The Upko president says he has no intention of disrespecting other religions and says his FB posting was based on a memorandum he received as a student leader in 1982.

Why sideline Sabah when choosing new uni head, asks Upko man

The state government should have been consulted over the appointment of new Universiti Malaysia Sabah vice-chancellor, says Upko man

Cops to record Sabah DCM’s statement on ‘forced conversions’

City police chief Habibi Majinji says NGOs and individuals from 10 districts have filed police reports following Wilfred Madius Tangau’s remarks on Facebook.

Consider women for Sabah’s proposed new state seats, says Upko

Upko Wanita chief Juliana Jali says the party has a number of qualified women leaders who are unable to contest in elections because of limited seats.

Tabling of 13 new state seats for Sabah is timely, says...

Upko Youth chief Felix Joseph Saang also hopes that after the new state seats were passed, the government will also consider adding parliamentary seats for Sabah and Sarawak.

Pemimpin Upko gesa Petronas bantu kontraktor O&G Sabah berkembang

Syarikat tempatan harus diberi keutamaan kerana mereka pendatang baru dan tidak mampu bersaing dengan syarikat lebih kukuh dari semenanjung dan Sarawak.

Ask Sabah people if they want coal plant, Yong tells Tangau

SAPP president Yong Teck Lee challenges Deputy Chief Minister Madius Tangau to reveal the individuals who had proposed the coal-fired power plant in Sandakan.

Upko pledges election machinery to support DAP polls candidate

Ewon Benedick says the party has more than 600 voters in Sandakan.

PBS again brings up ‘betrayal’ by Upko

Still bitter from the events of the last general election, PBS attacks Upko for its betrayal of the Kadazandusun Murut presidential council in Barisan Nasional.

PPBM datang sebab orang Sabah mahukannya, kata Upko

Naib Presiden Upko Ewon Benedick kata, kerajaan negeri akan terus tuntut royalti minyak lebih dan pemulangan 40% bahagian Sabah

OK for PPBM to enter, what’s key is getting back Sabah’s...

Upko vice-president Ewon Benedick says the state government will continue to demand for Sabah’s rights to increased oil royalty and 40% share of revenue.

Kerajaan Sabah dibentuk oleh ‘katak’, bekas pemimpin Umno bidas pengkritik

Berikutan 'pengkhianatan' Upko, Warisan dan sekutunya dalam PH Sabah berjaya menjatuhkan gabungan BN.pat

Bugis and Javanese as natives: Upko youth leader opposes any such...

Upko Youth chief Felix Joseph Saang says it is clearly stated in the Federal Constitution that the Bugis and Javanese are not considered natives of the state.

More crimes involving foreigners in Sabah, warns Upko

Its youth chief urges authorities to take drastic measures including recalling identification documents issued to foreigners.

Come back to Upko, party tells former vice-president Suan

Nabawan rep will be welcomed back with open arms despite joining opposition bloc just months ago, says division head.

Upko will betray its friends just to save its leader, says...

PBS Supreme Council member Arthur Sen says party’s reputation was tarnished after it switched sides immediately after GE14.

Upko slams PBS veep for ridiculing idea of having presidential council

Upko Youth tells PBS vice-president Johnny Mositun the proposed presidential council will be similar to BN Supreme Council in function.

PBS ridicules Upko’s presidential council proposal for Sabah ruling coalition

PBS vice-president Johnny Mositun says proposal shows insecurities within Upko after many Umno members quit party to pledge support for ruling government.

Let’s not weaken each other, Upko tells coalition members

Its Youth chief Felix Joseph Saang says leaders may at times be overly eager to strengthen their positions and forget the need to safeguard the newly-minted coalition of Warisan, Pakatan Harapan and Upko.

Bekas pemimpin Umno, Upko berhasrat sertai STAR, kata Jeffrey Kitingan

Presiden Parti Solidariti Tanah Airku berkata, ada di antara mereka sudah menghantar borang keahlian menyertai parti itu.

PH mesti tunai janji manifesto kepada Sabah, kata Dompok

Kerajaan PH perlu bersikap adil dan menimbangkan penyertaan semua parti politik dalam jawatankuasa khas MA63 yang diwujudkan sebelum ini.

PH must fulfil GE14 manifesto promises to Sabah, says Dompok

Upko’s honorary president also voices support for Upko president Madius Tangau and the decision to leave BN in favour of the Warisan-PH coalition.