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Upko finally accepts Nabawan rep’s resignation

Nabawan assemblyman Bobbey Suan has remained loyal to former state government team led by Musa Aman.

Upko: Recall and reissue all MyKads to solve dubious citizenship problem

Upko Komulakan fears that 'true locals' in Sabah will one day lose their rights to foreigners who obtain MyKads through syndicates.

Foreigners obtained IC thanks to corrupt govt officials, says Tangau

Upko president says he could not accept census data which shows drastic population growth in Sabah despite birth rate remaining normal.

Upko upset reps ‘left out’ of Penampang council

Penampang Upko Youth chief Ronny Dingon says if a list of selected councillors shared on social media is true, the appointments will go against the vision of Chief Minister Shafie Apdal.

In defection-prone Sabah, ex-Umno reps unfazed by Zahid’s threat to sue

Many say they have yet to receive the writs of summons from Umno.

Stop saying Upko joined govt for people’s sake, says ex-youth chief

Arthur Sen reminds Upko that all its seats won in GE14 had used BN funds and its betrayal had put its supporters in a dilemma.

Stop attacking party, Upko Youth leader tells ex-chief

Upko Youth information chief Dennison R Indang also reminds former Upko youth chief Arthur Sen that the term 'political frog' is more suited to him.

Ex-Upko leader slams Shafie for defending Tangau

Former Upko youth chief Arthur Sen takes the Parti Warisan Sabah president to task for saying Upko acting president Wilfred Madius Tangau is not a political 'frog'.

Don’t restrict use of English in schools, say Sabah leaders

They say the use of English should instead be encouraged.

Upko gesa Putrajaya tegaskan kedudukan Bahasa Inggeris di Sabah

Wilfred Madius Tangau berkata Perjanjian Malaysia 1963 mengangkat Bahasa Inggeris sebagai bahasa rasmi dalam pentadbiran dan sistem pembelajaran di Sabah.

DCM criticises education ministry over English-medium schools in Sabah

Madius Tangau says it is a right spelt out in the Malaysia Agreement of 1963.

Upko: There is no such thing as a new ‘Project IC’

Upko information chief Albert Bingkasan says these viral claims were also made on websites backed by those with political interests.

Tangau set to helm Upko after getting rival’s support

Upko vice-president Ewon Ebin called for a no-contest and suggested Wilfred Madius Tangau lead Upko.

Appoint KDM to head Forestry Department, PBS dares Warisan

PBS acting Youth chief Christopher Mandut asks why 'outsiders' are appointed to important posts as there are many qualified Sabahans.

Prominent former Upko Youth chief joins PBS

The KDM youth leader finally made his choice to join the oldest local party in Sabah after quitting Upko in July.

Why team up with your bully, Upko mocks Sabah parties

The party's communications and multimedia chief Felix Saang says PBS and STAR have always claimed that they were bullied by Umno.

‘Opportunist’ Upko should have left BN before GE, says Sabah Umno

An Umno leader hits out at Upko's attacks on the party in the aftermath of the general election.

Sabah activists agree 100 days too short for fair assessment

However, they stand firm in their belief that projects such as the Tanjung Aru Eco Development and Papar Dam should be stopped.

Sabah not free of ‘Malayan’ influence, Upko told

Sabah Umno liaison chief Hajiji Noor reminds Upko acting president Madius Tangau of the influence of ‘Malayan’ parties in the form of PKR and DAP in the state government.

Upko quit BN to be free of Umno’s grip, says Tangau

The Upko leader and deputy chief minister suggests Umno should leave Sabah and operate in a more suitable place, such as the peninsula.

Sabah ICs: Show same resolve as Dompok, activist tells Upko man

Former Upko Youth chief Arthur Sen says party founder Bernard Dompok was even willing to resign from his position as a federal minister if the RCI into Projek IC was not carried out.

PBS slams Upko’s ‘lame’ reason for teaming up with Warisan

Calling it a betrayal, Johnny Mositun says Upko's action is pure political opportunism for self-preservation.

Upko still wants Sabah IC

Upko acting president Madius Tangau also wants the party represented in the committee to discuss the Malaysia Agreement 1963.

You are traitors, Sabah Umno chief slams reps for quitting party

Sabah Umno chief Hajiji Noor also warns Labuan DAP to stay out of the party’s business.