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Upko hits back at PBS for ‘frogs’ remark

Upko legal bureau chief Nelson W Anggang says PBS should look at itself first before questioning the principles of other parties.

Ongkili blasts Upko as party of ‘frogs’

The PBS deputy president says Upko leaders have been jumping ship ever since it was formed.

Help native Sabahans too, activist tells Warisan government

Arthur Sen wants the government to give the same treatment it is giving squatters whose houses were burnt down last week to villagers whose homes were demolished by the Forestry Department last year.

Upko shrugs off resignations, says growing stronger by the day

Upko information chief Albert Bingkasan says more people, especially from the native Sabahan communities, are joining Upko.

Upko: Putrajaya tidak berhak tentukan kadar royalti

Pemangku presiden Upko mengingatkan kerajaan pusat bahawa mekanisme harga hendaklah dipersetujui bersama dengan kerajaan negeri pengeluar minyak.

Not for Putrajaya to set oil royalty rate, says Tangau

Upko acting president reminds federal government that the payment mechanism must be mutually agreed upon with the state governments of oil-producing states.

Upko Wanita: Don’t wash dirty linen in public

Its deputy chief Juliana Jani says the women’s wing is disappointed with treasurer-general Marcus Mojigoh for saying there are 'minor cracks' in the party.

Upko intact despite resignations, says Mojuntin

The party strongman says the resignations by two of its top leaders has yet to be discussed.

Shafie offers to help Upko as more members resign

Shafie says he did not expect Upko’s youth chief to quit the party but that he had been told by Upko acting president Wilfred Madius Tangau that the party was still strong.

Analyst sees Upko losing more members

'They're struggling with their conscience over the party's decision to join the ruling coalition.'

Upko Youth shocked over chief’s departure but will carry on

The youth wing is puzzled why its former chief, Arthur Sen, quit but wishes him well on his future endeavours.

Upko Youth chief Arthur Sen quits party

However, he declined to reveal the reason behind his resignation.

Kiulu villagers show support for ‘local hero’, Sabah govt

About 200 residents gathered to show their support and solidarity with Upko acting president Wilfred Madius Tangau and the Warisan-led state government.

Upko denounces Philippines’ repeated claim to Sabah

Upko secretary-general Donald Mojuntin says Malaysia and Sabah should be seen and heard to be vehemently objecting to the claim.

Tangau must step down as MP, say Tuaran voters

A group of 150 voters say the Upko acting president has betrayed the trust given in the last election.

Upko man raps critics of Malanjum’s appointment

The Malaysian federation is not the property of one race, says Arthur Sen.

Buzz of activity, literally, stops Sabah DCM from leaving AirAsia plane

More than 200 passengers were holed up for over 10 minutes inside their aircraft.

Analyst: Zahid as head shows Umno members not open to change

Tony Paridi Bagang says the 'old hands' factor helped Ahmad Zahid Hamidi win the Umno presidential race as the majority find it hard to embrace reform.

We left BN because people want change, says Upko

The party says Warisan and Pakatan Harapan enjoyed significant voter support.

Malanjum’s seniority, track record suited for CJ’s post, says Upko

The local party says the chief judge of the High Court in Sabah and Sarawak is the most senior judge of the Federal Court and also an exemplary leader.

Return to your political home, PBS urges Upko

Kundasang PBS assemblyman Dr Joachim Gunsalam says Upko will forever be considered a 'pendatang' (migrant) by Warisan and PH.

Upko leader slams Sabah PKR for not appreciating its role

Deputy secretary-general Georgina George says Deputy Chief Minister Christina Liew has failed to recognise the party's contribution.

Ex-PBRS leaders, members join Upko

The group quit Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah earlier this week, citing the party’s uncertain direction.

Choose non-political Huguan Siou, Sabahans urged

Political analysts say Kadazandusun Murut parties lack capable and young second-line to replace outgoing leaders.