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We’ll continue using Allah in BM Bibles, says Sabah BN leader

Upko acting president Wilfred Madius Tangau says Christians in both states will abide by 10-point solution made in 2011.

Big winner Mojigoh ready to defend Putatan again

Marcus Mojigoh says Warisan is the biggest challenge in Sabah but believes BN still has the advantage.

BN confident of wresting back Penampang in GE14

Penampang Umno chief John Ambrose says Barisan Nasional will stand to benefit if there is a multi-cornered fight in the federal constituency in Sabah.

Upko dares Warisan to withdraw, review ICs issued to foreigners

Upko president Wilfred Madius Tangau says Warisan should ‘walk the talk’ on Project IC and make it a priority in its election manifesto.

Warisan: BN can solve Project IC problem if it really wants...

It says Upko's attack on Dr Mahathir Mohamad for Project IC is a paradox as Upko's very survival is thanks to the former PM.

Upko: Sabahans will never forgive Mahathir for ‘Projek IC’

Its president Wilfred Madius Tangau says Mahathir being named the PM candidate was a big liability for the opposition coalition.

Mahathir should let Najib do his job, says PBS

Sabah politicians condemn Mahathir’s silence on Project IC as well as his failure to address needs of Sabah and Sarawak if PH wins GE14.

Don’t play up religious issues, Warisan told

Upko Youth chief Arthur Sen accuses Warisan’s Terrence Siambun of trying to incite Christians to go against Upko with his ‘poisonous Christmas gift’.

Upko: ‘Desperate’ Warisan twisted Tangau’s remark on RUU355

Upko information chief Albert Bingkasan said his party’s acting president had only referred to Umno and PAS cooperating in “akidah” matters and not on politics.

Warisan’s Siambun raps Upko’s Tangau on Act 355 amendment bill

He reminds Upko acting president not all Malaysian Muslims or Malays welcome increased punishments for shariah courts.

Upko confident Najib will continue naming non-Muslims to his cabinet

Upko acting president Wilfred Madius Tangau says Malaysians should not be overly concerned about the perceived collaboration between Umno and PAS as it only involves religion.

Pointless to debate Pandikar, says Upko

Upko Youth Chief Arthur Sen says rather than debate, it is better to allow for a referendum to gather public opinion in Sabah and Sarawak.

Upko: Shafie like salesman selling second-hand goods

Donald Mojountin urges the Warisan president to stop fanning religious sentiments over the use of ‘Allah’.

All is not lost yet with Labuan, says Sabah lawyer

President of Sabah Law Society says, theoretically, Sabah can still get back Labuan but it will need the support of majority of MPs.

Pointless to cry for Labuan now, says Upko

Upko youth chief Arthur Sen says all is not lost though as the present federal government has shown its willingness to revive Labuan’s economy.

Be cool, Upko man tells Shafie’s supporters

Arthur Sen says the public should consider the lot of rural people affected by corruption instead of worrying over the fate of politicians.

Why it cannot be easy to get citizenship

Upko's Arthur Sen addresses a complaint made by a Suluk community leader.

Don’t drag Sabah harvest festival into beer fest debate

Upko leader Donald Peter Mojuntin chides DAP assemblyman's statement over warning that Kaamatan may be banned in future.

Kapayan rep Edwin Bosi denies joining new party

The former Sabah DAP deputy chairman, who quit the party, says he will only make up his mind next month.

Rafizi cari publisiti, kata Upko mengenai dakwaan RM1 juta

Marcus Mojigoh kata naib presiden PKR mencari publisiti murahan untuk pilihan raya umum akan datang.

Go fly a kite, Upko tells Rafizi over RM1 million claim

Marcus Mojigoh says the PKR vice-president is looking for cheap publicity for political mileage in the coming general election.

Snap state polls in Sabah mere talk, says Tangau

Upko President Wilfred Madius Tangau says even if snap polls are called now, Barisan Nasional is ready.

Ask BN allies about reissuing ICs, Warisan tells Upko

Sabah opposition leader dares Upko to ditch Barisan Nasional and work with Warisan if they value new party's stand on the issue.

Business leader draws line between MA63, ‘secession’ talk

Sabahans want fair treatment based on Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63), and hope Putrajaya will 'walk the talk', says head of KK Chinese Chamber of Commerce.