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Tag: US-China trade tariffs

Trump’s only regret on China is ‘not raising tariffs higher’

US President Donald Trump earlier appeared to signal he might be considering a softening of his position in the trade war, which has seen Washington impose steep levies on all Chinese imports.

UK’s Johnson ‘very worried’ about trade tensions, tariff hikes

The question of tariffs is of particular concern for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson as he prepares to lead Britain out of the EU with the prospect of a no-deal Brexit.

It’s not working, IMF says to Trump

With the IMF warning that his trade war is slowing global growth and as recession alarm bells ring, US President Donald Trump doubles down on his attacks on the Federal Reserve and on China.

Asia surprises with cuts in global race to monetary bottom

Policymakers are taking bolder steps to bolster their economies as escalating US-China trade tensions threaten to worsen global growth and currency battles roil financial markets.

Wall Street stocks tumble on worsening US-China trade war

About 20 minutes into trading, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down about 500 points, or 1.9%, at 25,983.81.

China’s US soybean purchases slump amid year-long trade war

US farmers have been among the biggest victims in the trade war as Chinese buyers shift to other markets for agricultural products amid retaliatory tariffs.

Trump says Apple won’t get China tariff relief

Trump has tweeted that companies won’t face a tariff if they make their goods 'at home in the USA.'

China allows some tariff-free US cotton, pork purchases

BEIJING: The Chinese government has approved several domestic companies to buy US cotton, corn, sorghum and pork without being subject to hefty retaliatory tariffs,...

Huawei’s Czech unit secretly collected data

2 unnamed former Huawei managers say Huawei required them to enter the data into computer systems that could be accessed from China.

Millions of barrels of Iran oil are sitting in China’s ports

The storage allows Iran to keep pumping and move oil nearer to potential buyers.

Huawei secretly helped N.Korea build, maintain wireless network

Such a move would raise questions of whether Huawei violated American export controls to furnish North Korea with equipment.

Global PC shipments rise as China’s Lenovo secures top spot

Worldwide shipments of personal computers increase in the second quarter, fueled by businesses upgrading to the latest Microsoft Windows software.

Oil slips as gloomy economic data takes shine off Opec deal

Oil edges lower as investors weigh troubling economic data from around the world against Opec’s extension of output cuts into 2020.

The US has so many fat pigs that pork prices are...

Pork wholesale prices are at the lowest for this time of year in a decade thanks to a huge expansion in the American hog herd, which just hit its highest mark since 1943.

Huawei gets new pressure from Congress as Trump prepares to meet...

US pressure on Huawei increases as Congress votes to cite the Chinese telecommunications gear maker as a security risk ahead of this week’s meeting between Trump and Xi.