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Tag: US-China trade war

China stocks plunge to its lowest in a month

Shanghai index has fallen for 4 straight days, the longest streak since Aug 7.

Singapore will be ‘lucky’ to see growth in 2019, says PM...

As exports slump, the republic’s official projection is only at 0% to 1% this year.

Overseas investors increase Asian bond buying in September

Malaysia attracted US$217 mil in inflows.

Global economic outlook ‘precarious,’ no room for mistakes, IMF warns

The body urges policymakers to find resolutions to trade disputes.

Indonesian supplier of H&M and Walmart gains as fashion giants exit...

Indonesia's textile sector set to benefit from US-China trade war, with companies scrambling to secure new supply lines.

Ringgit opens lower on global uncertainties

US-China trade war are causing a ripple effect on markets worldwide.

Asia’s best-performing currency could potentially rise

Thailand's current-account surplus and foreign reserves shelters the Baht.

Ringgit opens moderately lower against US dollar

The cut in interest rates did not significantly impact the Ringgit today.

China’s economy slows as industrial output weaker than expected

The industrial output reading was the lowest single-month figure since 2002, with only a combined Jan-Feb result in 2009 being lower.

US agrees to delay tariff hike on some Chinese goods

The postponement comes at the request of the Vice-Premier of China, Liu He, and due to China celebrating their 70th anniversary soon.

Trump praises China’s tariff exemptions as trade talks approach

US President Donald Trump says Beijing was under pressure to strike a bargain as its economy weakens, which he attributed to US actions.

China to exempt 16 categories of US products from tariffs

The 16 category product list marks the first time Beijing announces products to be excluded from tariffs. 

India-China spat delays pan-Asian trade deal

The main source of tension is between India and China over the amount of goods with preferential tariffs.

US-China trade war an opportunity for Turkey, says minister

Ruhsar Pekcan also says trade and investment will be the main topic when US President Donald Trump and Recep Tayyip Erdogan meet during the UN General Assembly.

Malaysia hoping for good outcome at US-China trade talks, says Azmin

The economic affairs minister says the tariffs war is detrimental to the interests of all nations, more so in the case of smaller economies.

Oil majors to mull fresh cuts as trade war hits prices

Analysts are doubtful oil producers will succeed in bolstering crude prices dented by the US-China trade war.

China’s August exports fall as US trade war rumbles on

The drop comes after a surprise 3.3% rebound in July despite the year-long battle with Washington and weakening global demand.

China’s forex reserves rise to US$3.1072 trillion in August

The increase is due to China maintaining a stable balance of international payments and generally stable economic growth.

Trump bullish on China tariffs, but aide warns of long haul

US President Donald Trump has repeatedly insisted that US tariffs and China's slowing economy will pressure Beijing to cut a deal.

US, China more divided than ever as new trade talks loom

President Donald Trump and Xi Jinping are embroiled in a long fight over a trade war, despite slowing domestic economies.

China, US to hold trade talks in October

The announcement follows an earlier call between China's Vice Premier Liu He and US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

US does not want to discuss Huawei with China, says Trump

US President Donald Trump says Huawei's blacklisting is a matter of national security.

Taiwan’s Johnson Health expects trade war to boost sales

Johnson Health is set to open a new factory in Vietnam, planned before the ongoing trade war, to allow it to escape tariffs on made-in-China gym equipment.

US-China trade risk keeps emerging market investors on edge

Morgan Stanley says it expects developing-nation currencies to depreciate about 2% against the greenback in the coming month.