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Tag: US-China trade war

Trade war won’t benefit anyone, says IMF chief

Christine Lagarde says global growth could slow if trade tension continues.

Thailand sees foreign investment boom as trade war escalates

Thailand joins countries like Malaysia and Vietnam that are reporting soaring investment as global supply chains shift.

Tough times ahead but we can take it, says Kian Ming

The deputy minister also stresses the external nature of many of Malaysia's economic challenges.

Malaysia may get a slice of Apple as it mulls China...

Nikkei Asian Review reports that the company has asked its major suppliers to assess the implications of such a move.

Businesses clamour for Trump’s ear as US$300 bil in new China...

The US-China trade war is escalating as Washington plans another wave of tariffs on Chinese imports set to further effect the global economy.

Ringgit opens lower against US dollar amidst heighten trade tension

The Ringgit opened lower today as investors stayed on the sidelines due to global economy uncertainty and the US-China trade war.

More China firms interested in investing after trade war, says Kian...

The deputy international trade and industry minister says the US-China trade war and other factors have resulted in more China firms showing interest in Malaysia.

Broadcom retreats from annual forecast, citing trade concern

Broadcom expects to lose out on a billion dollars of revenue per quarter in the rest of the year.

Hanoi to curb fake ‘Made-in-Vietnam’ goods

Some manufacturers are illegally claiming their goods are from Vietnam when in fact they originate in China.

Vietnam tops list of biggest winners from US-China trade war

Vietnam gained orders from trade diversion on tariffed goods equal to 7.9% of gross domestic product in the year through the first quarter of 2019.

Trade-War risk has investors on alert as new week gets underway

Investors are on alert to see what impact escalating trade feuds might have on the global outlook, but refrained from further judgment in early trading hours Monday following last week’s selloff in riskier assets.

US placed us on currency watchlist to deter trade with China,...

Ramon Navaratnam labels US’ inclusion of Malaysia in the watchlist as 'cowboy economics' and 'isolationist'.

Apple and Nike brace for China’s wrath after Huawei ban

Will China retaliate against US companies such as Apple and Nike after Huawei's ban?

US `not ready’ to make a trade deal with China, Trump...

Trump says businesses are leaving China for countries without tariffs, including the US and Asian neighbours including Japan.

Lukewarm morning for Asia stocks

Tokyo has rose 0.3%, while Jakarta has gained 0.7%. But Hong Kong has lost 0.5%, while Shanghai has edged down 0.3%.

Trump’s Huawei ban offers opportunities for Malaysia?

Economists say there are ways for China to get around the US ban, and that Malaysia should grab the opportunity.

Trump says Huawei could be included in US-China trade deal

This comes after US President Donald Trump banned US firms from doing business with Huawei citing national security concerns.

IMF says US paying China tariff costs, contrary to Trump view

IMF researchers say that US companies are paying the cost from Donald Trump's tariffs on Chinese imports, a recent revelation disputing that China is footing the bill.

Vodafone suspends pre-orders of Huawei 5G smartphones

Vodafone are suspending pre-orders of Huawei Mate 20X in the United Kingdom after the Chinese mobile brand's security controversies surfaced.

Apple earnings could decline 29% on a China ban, says Goldman

Such a restriction would represent 100% of estimated Apple earnings exposure to both mainland China and Hong Kong.

Chinese surveillance giants’ stocks dive on US blacklist report

After Huawei, two surveillance companies are experiencing share drops as Washington considers banning them from purchasing US components.

Malaysia’s textile industry can bounce back, say German industrialists

Experts at the Techtextil & Texprocess 2019 intenational trade fair say Malaysia's high labour costs can be offset by automation.

EU firms ‘caught in crossfire’ of US-China trade war

The ongoing trade clash between Beijing and Washington is 'not good for business', a survey of European firms in China has found.

Xi says ‘no clash’ of civilisations amid US trade war

Chinese premier Xi Jinping claims there is never a 'clash' of civilisation between the United States and China in the heated up US-China trade war.