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Trade war rejuvenates Penang’s ‘Silicon Valley’ firms

Foreign direct investments into Penang leapt 11-fold to about US$2 billion in the first half of this year.

China says companies facing difficulties over trade frictions

US plans on delisting Chinese companies from stock exchange.

China buys ‘considerable’ amount of US pork, soybeans

China says US agricultural products would be exempt from added tariffs.

Trade deal optimism fades as China scraps US farm tour

Cancellation causes Wall Street's main stock indexes to fall.

The coming crisis of China’s one-party regime

With its superior capabilities and efficiency, and despite Trump’s destructive leadership, the US is far more likely to prevail in the Sino-American cold war than China.

US destroyer sails in disputed South China Sea amid trade talks

The move by the US challenges the restriction on passage imposed by China, Taiwan and Vietnam in the South China Sea.

How the US-China trade war fractured global value chains

Although some countries like Malaysia may gain in the short run, the world loses.

What China has and hasn’t done to address US trade gripes

China analysts say the pace of market-driven change has quickened a tad as a result of President Donald Trump’s trade war.

The true toll of the trade war

Like other economic superpowers, China grew on the back of manufacturing exports. But, unlike those countries, it is now threatening to compete directly with the West.

Govt says confident in South China Sea pact amid trade worries

Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah says the country is hopeful that a code of conduct for the area will be completed in three years or less.

The art of wait and see

Beijing would hate nothing more than to resemble the court of the Qing Dynasty in its decline.

Chinese ships on Malacca strait told to be on highest alert

China's transport ministry raises its security warning on Chinese-flagged ships to level 3.

China says US tariffs must be removed for trade deal

China and America are now in the process of relaunching trade talks stalled in May in hopes to remove existing US tariffs.

Act quickly to benefit from US-China trade war, says think tank

The Socio-Economic Research Centre suggests ways the government can help facilitate trade diversions and relocation of businesses.

Australia’s Lynas stockpiles rare earths for ‘strategic’ customers

This is to help it consolidate its position as a preferred supplier to customers outside China.

China to set up system to safeguard technology security

Xinhua reports China's plan to establish a system to ensure 'national security' in technology as the republic faces a trade war with the United States.

US to sell RM80 million spy drones to Malaysia as tension...

This comes in the wake of strong words exchanged between US and China during a regional security summit.

We’ll use force if you meddle, China warns US

This comes amid moves by the Trump administration to increase support for Taiwan.

Reach out to US, China firms to supply goods, Penang tech...

investPenang director Lee Kah Choon says Penang's tech sector is in a position to help supply essential items for US and China firms caught in trade dispute.

Bursa Malaysia opens in the red

China's plans to retaliate by imposing higher tariffs on US$60 billion worth of US goods has resulted in Bursa Malaysia to open slightly lower.

This US$100 mil hedge fund has shorted China stock futures

The outcome of the US-China trade talks will not be a positive one to lift China's stocks.

Trump ‘firm’ on China structural demands

The US has been insisting on a mechanism to ensure China follows through on any reform promises and purchasing commitments for American goods.

US trade agreement not settled says China

President Donald Trump said current trade talks with China is expected to be a success.

Global stocks rally on trade deal optimism as pound falls again

Bourses rose in the US and in major European and Asian centres, concluding the first quarter with a flourish.