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Belgium arrests man suspected of plotting attack against US embassy

The suspect identified only as MG appeared before an investigating judge on Monday morning.

Security guard sacked from US embassy to ask if foreign missions...

His lawyer, Ragunath Kesavan, says this follows the US embassy's refusal to submit to the Industrial Court in the hearing of the dismissal case.

Washington orders some US government employees to leave Iraq

The US State Department ordered non-emergency government employees on Wednesday to depart Iraq as soon as possible.

The real ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ palace is worth US$3.5 billion

The untended jungle that hides the remains of two abandoned palaces, worth US$3.5 billion if sold for development, is one of the greatest urban anachronisms in Asia.

Turkey changes US embassy street name to Malcolm X

Turkey has made similar changes to streets on which embassies are located in a bid to make a political point against a country.

Vietnam jails two Vietnamese-Americans for 14 years over bomb attacks

James Nguyen and Angel Phan were convicted, along with 10 accomplices who received short jail terms, after a two-day trial - all defendants were charged with attempting to overthrow the state.

US embassy shows support for LGBT activists after portrait brouhaha

It says in an Instagram post that it stands proudly with Nisha Ayub and Pang Khee Teik.

Explosion reportedly heard outside US embassy in Beijing

Video clips posted online showed smoke in the air outside the diplomatic compound in the Chinese capital.

US embassy in Turkey to be closed over ‘security threat’

The embassy was the target in 2013 of a suicide bombing claimed by a far-left group that killed a Turkish security guard.

Nur Jazlan: US security notice on nightclub puts us in bad...

Deputy home minister says the US embassy should have informed police of alleged drink-spiking incidents at nightclub in KL.

Stay away from The Beach Club in KL, US warns citizens

The US embassy says there have been 'coordinated drink-spiking' cases targeting foreigners at the outlet.

Christians worldwide prepare for holidays with an eye on security

Majority-Muslim countries in Asia and the Middle East are particularly nervous after U.S. President Donald Trump's recent announcement that he intends to relocate the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, a decision that has outraged many Muslims.

Najib: US stand on Jerusalem shouldn’t affect ties with M’sia

Prime Minister Najib Razak says cooperation can continue even while Malaysia maintains its objections to US recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital.

Thousands stage protest against US decision on Jerusalem

The demonstrators, comprising members of Umno Youth and PAS and representatives of several NGOs, protested against US President Donald Trump’s announced recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

US official: Trump may recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital next week

Word of Trump's planned announcement has drawn criticism from the Palestinian Authority and anger from the broader Arab world.

We succeeded when kids wanted to learn English, say US teaching...

One teaching assistant posted at a school in Kelantan says her students were initially uninterested in learning English as they had no desire to go beyond their kampung or state.

US embassy to release video commemorating National Day

The video, featuring US ambassador and Malaysian members of the embassy community will be available via the embassy's social media account.

US embassy issues scam alert for its citizens

There are victims who reported losses amounting to tens of thousands of US dollars, the embassy says on its official website.

US embassy warns women against using tuk-tuks in Sri Lanka

Those opting to use tuk-tuks were requested to take photos of the driver and registration plate before boarding.

4 Malaysians make the cut to enter US military academies

US embassy says it is rare to have four Malaysian cadets chosen to attend US military service academies in a single year.

Pakatan leaders protest ‘Muslim ban’ at US embassy

Amanah president Mohamed Sabu says banning people from Muslim countries will not help in the war against Islamic State (IS) militants.

Yemeni activist stuck in Malaysia after Trump’s ban

Demoracy activist Abdulraqeb al-Duais says Donald Trump's ban on citizens from Yemen, and 6 other Muslim countries, brings uncertainty to his family's future.

US embassy denies Asian nationals allowed visa-free entry

Embassy issues statement calling post that is being widely circulated on social media a 'fabricated news report'.

Philippine police detonate suspicious package near US embassy

The device, a cellular phone with black and red wires connected to a black circular object, was discovered in a trashcan.