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Tag: US Federal Reserve

US Fed to cut rates again as optimism is tested

Futures markets overwhelmingly forecast the Fed will lower rates on Wednesday at the conclusion of the two-day meeting of the policy committee.

Central bankers face political shocks, and hope to avoid the worst

Central banks have asked politicians for years to use fiscal policy more constructively and address structural problems plaguing economies.

Ringgit opens slightly higher against US dollar

The local note's performance will depend on Jerome Powell's speech at Jackson Hole, amidst the US administration's interest rate cut plan and trade war.

Ringgit unchanged at opening against US dollar

The ringgit's performance would depend on a possible interest rate cut by the US Federal Reserve.

Fed remains a target as US economy falls short of Trump’s...

US President Donald Trump blames the Federal Reserve for putting the US economy at risk, though it is reportedly in 'reasonably good' shape.

US stocks fall, dollar rallies on cloudy US Fed outlook after...

Stocks fall sharply midway through a subsequent news conference after Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said the US central bank did not expect a 'lengthy cutting cycle.'

US Fed opens 2-day meeting, rate cut expected

Markets overwhelmingly expect the central bank will cut the key lending rate by 25 basis points on Wednesday, the first decrease in more than 10 years.

Asian markets tumble after disappointing US earnings

Strong American economic data, including Thursday's report showing an increase in durable goods sales in June, has investors fearing a less dovish Federal Reserve announcement.

Ringgit retreats in early trade on stronger dollar

A stronger greenback today has hampered buying sentiment for the ringgit, however, it is trading higher against other major currencies.

Fed’s Powell doubles down on rate cut signal

Economists and investors see it as a certainty that the US Federal Reserve will lower the key borrowing rate at the policy meeting on July 30-31.

Most Asian markets in retreat as eyes turn to Federal Reserve

Most Asian markets extend losses as investors re-evaluated the Federal Reserve's interest rate options following last week's strong US jobs report.

Trump attacks put Fed in ‘no win’ situation

The risk for the US Federal Reserve is that they are in a lose-lose situation as they consider whether to cut interest rates this month and by how much.

Trump says Fed is ‘our most difficult problem’

US President Donald Trump claims 'massive additional wealth' would have been created for the country, if not for the US Federal Reserve's policies.

Trump: US Fed like a ‘stubborn child’

The Federal Reserve last week left benchmark lending rates untouched but signalled it could ease them soon if the economic outlook deteriorates.

Ringgit rises 0.35% against the US dollar at opening

The ringgit rises today against the American dollar as the US Federal Reserve keeps its interest rate steady.

Fed’s Kaplan says watching trade war impact on economy, prices

Robert Kaplan also says it is also possible some of the threatened tariffs will not be enacted.

Fed’s Williams says Central banks should prepare for slow growth

'Central banks should revisit and reassess their policy frameworks, strategies, and toolkits, to maximize efficacy.'

Fed’s Kaplan says rates in right place but keeping an open...

'Overall inflation pressures in the US will remain muted and tweaking monetary policy won’t impact that.'

Dollar underpinned in Asia as Fed clips doves’ wings

The dollar had taken an initial knock from a surprisingly sharp retreat in the ISM index of manufacturing to 52.8.

The Fed has a problem with its approach to inflation targeting

WASHINGTON: There’s a flaw at the heart of central banking’s approach to inflation targeting that’s become a hot issue for the Federal Reserve as...

Goldman says Fed losing forecasting edge, changes game in markets

The Fed’s relative predictive advantage versus private economists has declined in recent years as the higher quality and quantity of forecasters makes it harder for anyone, including Fed staff, to beat the “wisdom of the crowd,”

US economy hits soft patch, putting Fed on alert

"Incoming data have revealed signs that US economic growth is slowing somewhat from 2018's robust pace. Prospects for foreign economic growth have been marked down, and important international risks remain."

Trump’s next trade fight, China stimulus, US jobless

Filings for US unemployment benefits unexpectedly dropped, falling to the lowest level since October 1969 and suggesting little sign of cooling in a tight labour market.

Fed minutes cap dollar, pound steady after Brexit extension

The US dollar lacked momentum, with its index against six other currencies hovering near a two-week low.