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FedEx sues US government over ‘impossible’ task of policing exports to...

FedEx believes it should not be expected to enforce the export ban and could not reasonably be held liable for shipping products that it did not know about.

Facebook accused by US gov of housing bias over use of...

Facebook enables and encourages discrimination based on things like race and religion, as well as sex.

Democrats condemn US strategy on Venezuela

Certain Democratic representatives described the US' strategy in dealing with the Venezuelan power crisis as 'counterproductive'.

US government agencies gear up to restart operations Monday

It will take agencies days to dig out from weeks of unread emails and deal with other logistical issues like expired email passwords or ID badges.

US shutdown sends economy into uncharted waters

The length of this shutdown makes it harder to say just how bad the impact could get.

US Congress to reconvene with no end in sight for federal...

The legislation sets the stage for the first major battle of the new Congress between House Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi and Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Red Granite to pay RM234 million to US over 1MDB allegations

Under the agreement, Red Granite CEO Riza Aziz will not get any salary above what is required to maintain health insurance coverage until the money is paid, says report.

Trump meets Malaysian envoy, NSC chief in White House

In meeting to thank Malaysia for help following recent US destroyer accident, President Donald Trump says he is looking forward to meeting with PM Najib Razak next month.

Doubting the US DoJ?

In the last 60 years of Malaysia’s existence, has the US Department of Justice at any time seized our assets and hassled our people?

Trump policies may jolt relations, trade with M’sia, says academic

Mustafa Izzuddin of Iseas says future trade between Malaysia and US will be impacted if Trump's anti-Muslim, protectionism campaign rhetoric becomes reality.