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Tag: US House of Representatives

Mueller says he did not seek FBI director job under Trump

Mueller's team say they found insufficient evidence to prove Trump and his campaign engaged in a criminal conspiracy with Russia.

US House rejects Saudi weapons sales

The House of Representatives has passed three resolutions to block the sale of precision-guided munitions and related equipment to the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

US House rejects bid to launch Trump impeachment proceedings

The chamber voted 332 to 95 to table, or effectively kill, a resolution that raised whether to begin procedures to remove Donald Trump from office.

US House votes to condemn Trump’s ‘racist comments’

The resolution also takes the president to task for referring to immigrants and asylum seekers as 'invaders'.

US World Cup star Rapinoe accepts House invite after snubbing Trump

US women's football captain Megan Rapinoe accepts an invitation from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to visit the House of Representatives, just days after bluntly refusing a similar offer from Trump.

US House unanimously demands Mueller report be made public

The vote came as expectations rise that Mueller is near to bringing to a close a nearly two-year-old investigation that has focused on whether Trump's 2016 campaign colluded with the Russians.

US House passes border security bill, sends to Trump

The US House of Representatives agrees to a bipartisan border security bill but not the US$5.7 billion President Donald Trump is seeking.

Google, Facebook spend big on US lobbying amid policy battles

US lawmakers and regulators are weighing new privacy and antitrust rules to rein in the power of large internet service providers such as Google, Facebook and Amazon.

US House votes Tuesday to sanction Russia, Iran, North Korea

The bill also "sends a clear message to the president that Congress is prepared to act with a united voice."