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Tag: US Senate

US Senate passes 9/11 victim fund

The measure, which provides for billions of dollars in funding, including about US$10 billion over the next decade, passed 97 to 2.

Bills targeting China’s Huawei introduced in US Congress

The legislation would bar the removal of Huawei from a Commerce Department trade blacklist without House and Senate approval.

US Senate to grill Facebook over plans for Libra cryptocurrency

Facebook is fighting a rear-guard action to get Washington onside after the announcement that the company plans to launch Libra in 2020.

US Senate backs massive US$750 billion defence bill

The Senate's passage of the NDAA comes as US President Donald Trump prepares for a high-stakes meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Senate rebukes Trump on border emergency, president vows veto

Trump had made clear he planned to use his veto powers to override any congressional block, after failing to strong-arm enough Republicans into line.

US Senate set to reject Trump’s emergency declaration

Several other Republicans have expressed deep concerns about Trump's move, arguing it is a blatant attempt to expand executive authority.

Former top US security officials decry Trump’s emergency bid

Trump's move to redirect funds to build his promised border wall has been challenged with lawsuits.

Trump’s attorney general nominee Barr passes first hurdle

Bill Barr succeeds Jeff Sessions, whom Trump fell out with and sacked regarding Mueller's investigation.

Senate blocks measures to end US shutdown

House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she is willing to meet with the US president to discuss the shutdown.

Defying Trump, US Senate advances measure critical of easing Russia sanctions

To take effect and block the plan to lift the sanctions, the resolution must pass the Senate, where Republicans hold a 53-47 majority.

US congressman from Iowa under fire for racist comments

King is known for espousing hard-line views on immigration and has long backed building a wall along the southern border with Mexico.

Saudi slams US Senate vote as ‘interference’

The royal kingdom denounces 'recent position of US senate' saying the Jamal Khashoggi murder is a crime that does not reflect the policy of the kingdom.

US Senate panel wants to question Hyundai, Kia over engine fire...

In 2015, Hyundai recalled 470,000 US Sonata sedans, saying engine failure would result in a vehicle stall.

FBI report on Kavanaugh heading to US Senate

It was not immediately clear whether the FBI report, which will be made available to senators, would be released to the public.

Trump to roll out plan to overhaul US infrastructure

The plan to use US$200 billion in federal funds to try to stimulate US$1.5 trillion in infrastructure improvements over 10 years could reshape how the federal government funds roads, bridges, or highways.

US Senate confirms Jerome Powell as next Fed chairman

Powell, a current Fed governor, was confirmed by a vote of 85-12, paving the way for him to replace current Chair Janet Yellen when she steps down next month.

US Senate majority leader says chances pretty slim for TPP vote

It is difficult for Congress to consider the controversial trade deal this year as 'both the Democratic and Republican candidates for president' are against it, says Mitch McConnell.

US Senate votes to allow 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia

Lawmakers hear of millions of dollars donated by Saudi royal family to Al-Qaeda in 1990s, based on testimony from accomplice of hijackers.