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Tag: US tariff

Trump praises US economy amid China spat, vows to back farmers

China's shunning of US agricultural products further inflames an escalating dispute between the world's two largest economies that is dragging into a second year, rattling financial markets.

Gulf on edge as conflicting accounts of tanker attacks swirl

Tensions between the US and Iran are stoking as conflicting narratives about a pair of attacks on tankers led to Trump vowing to bar Tehran from closing a key oil shipping lane.

‘Don’t be too optimistic’: Huawei employees fret at US ban

Huawei's employees have expressed worry for their future despite its executives brushing concerns of a US ban aside.

China regulator: Trade war escalation won’t solve anything

China's top financial regulator has expressed that the US escalation of trade tensions will only create volatility in global markets and hurt the global economy instead of solving any of its problems.

US official: Pentagon chief to meet with Chinese counterpart in Singapore

Acting US Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan plans to meet with his Chinese counterpart next week at a regional security conference in Singapore.

China has more to offer than US, top Philippine diplomat says

Philippine Foreign Affairs Secretary says President Rodrigo Duterte prefers China’s offer of loans and investments over the US's murkier stance.

China cancels US pork import order as US-China trade war drags...

Chinese buyers dropped orders for more than 3,247 metric tonnes of US-imported pork despite growing African swine fever (ASF) fears.

UAE won’t be `baited into crisis’ with Iran as tensions mount

The United Arab Emirates 'won’t jump the gun' to accuse Iran of attacking ships off its coast, as rising tensions leads forecasters to believe the possibility of another war breaking out.

Global `wall of worry’ feeds rush for treasuries as risks mount

America's debt is up for grabs due to global geopolitical and economic forces aggravated by recent tensions between the US and both China and the Middle East.

Germany to sign pacts with China during Beijing visit

Germany and China are both willing to demonstrate that the world remains multilateral despite the US tariff dispute with China.