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Tag: us trade war

Ringgit almost flat against US dollar in early trade

A market trader says the ringgit would come back into focus if the yuan tumult holds.

Huawei to spend more than US$300 mil yearly in university funding

Despite fighting a trade ban with the United States, Huawei is expected to fund US$300 mil in research funding for universities.

US plans in-person China trade talks next month

As trade wars between the United States and China continue, both countries are expected to have a round-in talk session in September.

China’s industrial profits decline as economy weakens

China's economic growth has slowed to its weakest since 1992 as profits from its industrial companies decreased.

Fears rise China could weaponise rare earths in US tech war

Beijing may have the upper hand as it controls the global rare earth supply used in smartphones and electric cars despite the US's Huawei move.

I don’t care if Trump skips Asean summit, says Dr M

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad says the US president is 'unpredictable'.

Xi faces hurdles bashing American brands in a Trump trade war

Even when Chinese companies don’t have direct ownership links with US brands, Orlik said, boycotts or other non-tariff retaliation would hit the local partners of those American companies.