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Immigration judges headed to 12 US cities to speed deportations

The plan to intensify deportations is in line with a vow made frequently by President Donald Trump on the campaign trail last year to deport more illegal immigrants involved in crime.

North Korea says Malaysia ‘incident’ political scheme by US, South Korea

The recent incident that occurred in Malaysia was clearly a political scheme aimed at hurting the DPRK's reputation and overthrowing the DPRK regime, says North Korean diplomat, Pak Myong Ho.

NGOs discontinue TPPA suit as it’s academic now

The legal action is abandoned as US President Donald Trump has signed an order to officially withdraw from the economic grouping, says lawyer Haniff Khatri.

Japan, US conduct navy drill in East China Sea

The Sankei said the drill was aimed at issuing a warning against nuclear-armed North Korea.

US ‘strongly condemns’ North Korea missile launch

State Department's acting spokesman Mark Toner added: "We remain prepared -- and will continue to take steps to increase our readiness -- to defend ourselves and our allies from attack.

US pull-out from Pacific trade deal hurts confidence

"I think this has put a dent in the degree to which people can be confident of America's policies," says Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong in an interview with the BBC.

Trump’s America: A new realm of unpredictable protests

A wide range of issues unites Trump's opponents, in addition to his inflammatory statements and controversial decrees.

US envoy says no American weapons buildup in Philippines

He said the United States could not build anything on Philippine bases against the consent of the Philippine government, and its facilities are "not related to weapons".

Mexico says to seek broad negotiating strategy with Trump

President Pena Nieto says Mexico would invest in a more secure border but repeated that it would not pay for Trump's wall.

‘If Trump ditches TPPA, US will lose influence in this region’

Analyst says this will then pave the way for China to wield its influence in the Southeast Asian region.

Jokes aplenty as world anticipates new US president

Royal Jordanian Air takes advantage of the presidential race, coming up with a promotional advertisement that takes a jab at Donald Trump.

China slams ‘provocative’ US sail-by in South China Sea

The ship's "entrance into China's territorial waters is a serious illegal act and a deliberately provocative act," it said, adding that the ministry had made "solemn representations" to Washington.

US has few good options for response to Duterte

There is a suspicion in Washington that Duterte could swing back to the United States - if he decides it suits his interests.

US welcomes MH17 inquiry, notes Russian link

US spokesman John Kirby said the inquiry leaves "no doubt that MH17 was shot down by a BUK surface-to-air missile fired from territory in eastern Ukraine controlled by Russian-backed separatists.

US: ‘Imminent threat’ against Americans in Saudi’s Jeddah

The security message, published online and sent to US travellers registered with department, did not give further details on the reported threat, but reiterated existing guidance for visitors to Saudi Arabia.

US: South China Sea ruling ‘legally binding’

The United States has no claims of its own within this three-million-square-kilometer (1.2-million-square-mile) patch of sea, but has asserted the right of all shipping to pass through areas it regards as international waters.

US company to sell smartphone-shaped gun

The gun is a double-barrelled .380 caliber folding pistol that will sell for $395, the company says.

Trump, Clinton draw 1st blood in Tuesday White House races

The voting gives the candidates another opportunity to pile up delegates on the way to the party nominating conventions, but is not expected to alter the basic outlines of the race.

Pentagon boosts spending to fight cyber attacks

WASHINGTON: The Pentagon plans to spend an additional $900 million in the coming year to boost cyber defense measures, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said...