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Faisal Rafiq dilantik naib canselor baru USM

Perlantikan Faisal Rafiq, 44, itu dibuat berdasarkan syor Jawatankuasa Tetap Pemilihan Naib Canselor Universiti Awam pada 4 Sept lepas.

USM dapat lebih banyak dana dari Putrajaya berbanding P Pinang, kata...

Gooi Hsiao Leung berkata, USM terima RM525 juta tahun lepas, berbanding RM195.1 juta diberi kepada kerajaan Pulau Pinang dalam bentuk geran tahunan persekutuan, antara 2017 dan Jun 2018.

USM’s medical course now recognised by Medical Council of India

This has paved the way for USM to plan for its postgraduate medical degree programme in India.

Don: Penang Forum’s highway briefing nearly cancelled due to ‘interference’

However, the event held at USM proceeded after the university's vice-chancellor gave the nod.

USM diiktiraf universiti muda ke-14 terbaik di dunia

USM sebelum ini berada di ranking ke-23 terbaik dunia dalam penarafan universiti muda di bawah 50 tahun.

USM ranked 14th among world’s young varsities

Latest QS rankings of 50 best young universities show USM up by nine places from last year.

Clean heads needed to end graft in enforcement units, PH told

Criminologist P Sundramoorthy says weak organisational structure and leaders will only lead to more corruption.

University forum to ‘convert’ LGBT students draws criticism

Transgender rights group Justice for Sisters says forum sends the wrong message that LGBT people can be changed and that LGBT is a form of sickness.

USM holds contest on how to ‘convert’ gay students

The organisers of the contest, which was approved by the university, say they want to reach out to the LGBT community and help them.

9 cannonballs unearthed at Fort Cornwallis

USM archaeologists believe they are as old as 200-year-old cannons discovered two weeks ago.

Two 200-year-old cannons found at Fort Cornwallis

USM team at historical site in Penang makes surprise discovery during excavation of the moat and outer defensive structures of the fort yesterday.

Donor tells of frustration over RM50 million offer to help Penang...

Koon Yew Yin of IJM fame tells how difficult it has been for him to do a good deed by building affordable hostel facilities for university students.

Single mum Uber driver admits stealing valuables in mosque

Universiti Sains Malaysia auxillary police hand the suspect to police after catching her red-handed after Mahgrib prayers.

USM ready to help bosses check fake degrees

USM degree certificates have no less than 15 security features, it says in the wake of reports about fake degree syndicates.

Bekas naib canselor tidak mahu bajet universiti dipotong lagi

Bekas naib canselor UM berkata potongan bajet sebelum ini memberi kesan kepada kualiti pengajaran dan kajian dan impaknya akan mengambil masa dipulih.

How low self-esteem can affect workplace productivity

Experts say individuals with low self-esteem could become caught in a vicious cycle of poor performance.

Visually impaired student among new intake at USM

Mahavithia, 22, will be pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Literature programme in USM after turning down a number of offers from other local universities.

OKU buta yatim piatu berjaya ke universiti

Mahavithia kehilangan ibunya akibat penyakit kanser pada usia 5 tahun dan setahun kemudian kehilangan kedua-dua penglihatan kerana demam panas.

Malaysian varsities generate RM7.17 billion from research work

Higher Education Minister Idris Jusoh says Universiti Malaya is known for its bionic prosthetics while Universiti Sains Malaysia for its research in archaeology.

Komuniti Setia Alam tekad pulihara hutan di tengah bandar

Mata terpukau melihat keindahan hutan namun apabila menoleh ke belakang, rumah-rumah mewah tadi masih jelas kelihatan.

Study: Public varsity freedom in name only

A study commissioned by IDEAS finds that even private universities are subjected to 'extra-legal' circulars, directives and schemes by the government.

Malaysian varsities improve in world ranking

Universiti Malaya reaches highest ranking, while Singapore continues to dominate in Asia with top two positions.

The inseparable twins of universities

Despite autonomous status granted to public universities, by universal definition of autonomy, it is evident the autonomy in universities here is merely superficial.

Budu, pegaga berupaya elak kanser perut

Pakar Perunding Kanan Gastroenterologi, Hepatologi dan Perubatan Dalam USM, Prof. Dr Lee Yeong Yeh mendapati kanser perut jarang dihidapi masyarakat Melayu di Kelantan dipercayai kerana faktor budu dan pegaga.