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Nominated assemblymen posts for minority groups, Usno reminds Shafie

It says the appointment of Sabah DAP treasurer Loh Ee Eng, who is originally from Penang, does not reflect Warisan's promise to protect the rights of Sabahans.

Usno pledges support for old foe PBS in Sandakan

Usno and PBS were fierce rivals in the 1980s and 90s, but will be working together in the upcoming by-election in Sandakan.

Why would we want to do an ‘Usno’, asks Warisan leader

The leader says Warisan presently forms the state government, unlike Usno which joined Umno after losing power in 1996.

Who will Sabah Umno choose as party president?

Ku Li is respected, Khairy is approachable, but Zahid still commands the majority support from local 'warlords'.

Zahid reminds Sabah Umno of close ties with Usno

He says Sabah Umno members should not be discouraged by party’s defeat in GE14 because this is not the first time it had become the opposition.

When Pairin won, but was left waiting at the palace gates

In 1994, PBS won a keenly-fought contest against a BN backed by Mahathir Mohamad, but lost power after defections from his party.

Sabah Umno leader: Umno not just for Malays

Penampang Umno chief John Ambrose says some Umno delegates at recent general assembly may have sounded racist, but Umno is not racist as party has Kadazanmurut and even Chinese members in Sabah.

Pemuda Umno gesa Usno beri peluang muka baharu bertanding

Exco Pemuda Umno, Khairul Firdaus Akbar Khan berkata, sudah 10 tahun Pemuda Umno Sabah tidak dipilih sebagai calon PRU.

Harris cautions Umno headed for downfall in Sabah

Former CM says local leaders in Sabah and the rural people must have permanent and sustainable incomes and not be dependent on Putrajaya for contracts.