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Tag: Uttar Pradesh

Baby found buried alive highlights India’s battle to protect girls

A couple found the 5-day-old inside a pot several feet deep in a grave.

Deaths from India’s ‘above normal’ monsoon rise to nearly 140

Some 900 inmates shifted from Uttar Pradesh prison to ‘ensure their safety and health’.

At least 44 killed in India’s Uttar Pradesh floods

Indian monsoon helps replenishing water supplies for drought, but also kills hundreds.

Uttar Pradesh: the key prize in India’s election

Uttar Pradesh remains as India's top price in its election, its the largest state with 200 million people currently governed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's BJP. 

PRU India: Modi kemuka borang pencalonan di Varanasi

Pengundian di Varanasi dijadual pada 19 Mei depan.

Millions in India gather for world’s largest religious event

Organisers are expecting the enormous spiritual festival in Allahabad to attract more than 100 million devotees over the next 48 days.

Kill classmates instead of complaining, varsity official in India tells students

Uttar Pradesh is notorious for communal tensions and crime, and has been plagued by incidents of mob violence in recent weeks.

5 dead, 30 injured after train derailment in India

The accident took place in Harchandpur, located some 77km south of the state capital Lucknow

Uttar Pradesh to probe children’s shelters following sexual abuse cases

A 13-year-old who escaped a shelter in the city of Deoria, in Uttar Pradesh state, tipped off the police who conducted a raid and rescued 20 girls and three boys.

Unusually severe Indian weather kills at least 66; more storms on...

India has been suffering at the hands of a relentless onslaught of storms.

Indian woman attacked with acid for fifth time

The woman was allegedly gang-raped and attacked with acid by two men in 2008 over a property dispute.

Zakir Naik accuses India’s Hindu leaders of hypocrisy

Controversial Islamic preacher says Modi administration targeting him as part of state oppression against Muslims.

Video rakaman rogol laris dijual

Polis negeri Uttar Pradesh di utara India mengakui sedar kewujudan jualan rakaman rogol tetapi ia bukan semudah yang disangka.

Gang rape videos on sale in India

Increasingly, perpetrators are recording their crimes on mobile phones to use as a blackmailing tool and to dissuade victims from going to the police, the Times of India said.

Ratusan ular ditemui dalam rumah pesara

Mungkin salah satunya sebab ialah kerana ia musim ular mengawan dan haiwan itu mencari tempat yang selamat untuk mengawan.