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China’s vaccine tourists drain Hong Kong’s supply of cancer drug

In the two years since Merck & Co.’s Gardasil 9 became available in Hong Kong, about 2 million mainlanders have come for the shots.

Health Ministry: Two new Ebola deaths recorded in Congo

Health officials administered an experimental vaccine on Monday to 33 medical workers and Mbandaka residents, World Health Organization (WHO) spokesman Tarik Jasarevic told reporters in Geneva.

Vaccinate kids or risk measles outbreak, warns health ministry

Health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah says Malaysia may soon face an outbreak due to parents who are against vaccination.

The flu vaccine: a high-stakes gamble

The World Health Organization is always watching for further developments in flu virus trends so that it can prepare more effective vaccines.

Philippines says anti-dengue vaccine may be connected to three deaths

Health Undersecretary Enrique Domingo says these findings have strengthened the department's decision to stop the vaccine.

Measles? Bring it on, says US ‘vaccine choice’ movement

Despite the multitude of scientific evidence promoting the efficacy of vaccines, many still oppose their use.

Ministry: Dengue vaccine not distributed in Malaysia

Health director-general Noor Hisham Abdullah says world's first dengue vaccine, Dengvaxia, must meet various conditions set before the product can be brought into the country.

Sarawak minister wants in-depth study on rabies victims

Dr Sim Kui Hian says the health ministry should look into the hospitalisation records and medical reports of the four children who died from rabies.

Sufficient anti-rabies vaccine stocks in Sarawak

Health director-general Noor Hisham Abdullah says health ministry has always ensured every state keeps at least a minimum stock of the vaccine.

Rabies: Over 300 pet dogs, cats vaccinated in Taiping

Perak Veterinary Services Department director Dr Fuziah Muhayat says this is a preventive measure taken to mitigate the risk of the disease spreading in the district.

Malaysia okays dengue vaccine… with conditions

Drug Control Authority says approval for Dengvaxia could be extended but will also be withdrawn if clinical study fails to verify its benefits.

The surge of anti-vaxxers

Anti-vaccine websites provide unscientific, misleading information on vaccine safety, propagating myths and misinformation that raise undue fears among parents.

Malaysians developing world’s first oral cancer vaccine

Four million oral cancer patients worldwide are expected to benefit from vaccine once funding of RM6 million is secured to go on to the clinical phase.

‘No directive issued to limit vaccine jabs for babies’

Deputy DG Dr Lokman Hakim Sulaiman denied making such a statement, saying his responses to several questions on the issue had been misinterpreted, leading to confusion.

Subra explains hesitancy in approving dengue vaccine

Health minister says the vaccine could make people sick instead of giving them protection.

Rohani: Vaccine is medicine and safe to take

Women's affairs minister says ustaz told her 'if it is categorised as medicine, it should be taken as medicine.'

Immunisation from the perspective of Maqasid Shariah

Seen through Maqasid Shariah, the global immunisation programme is proven to be a very safe, effective and cost-saving global child survival strategy.

Diphtheria and the anti-vaccine lobby

Muslim doctors blame myths, misinformation and untruths spread by religious groups for diptheria outbreak, a disease which had "virtually disappeared in Malaysia."

Mufti: Vaccine with ‘haram’ substances permissible in Islam

Islam stresses on the well-being of its followers and allows the use of vaccine containing 'haram' substances when there is no other medicine available, says Kelantan Mufti.

Dengue vaccine: Will govt subsidise cost?

Lawmaker Charles Santiago says the vaccine is likely to be costly and government hospitals may not be able to give it free.