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Beyond Meat time as McDonald’s joins vegan push

Fast food giant to test plant-based alternative meat in Canada.

Making a vegan diet as healthy as that of a carnivore’s

Since it's not always easy getting appropriate amounts of certain nutrients from a vegan diet, supplementation is much more efficient.

3 women cook up a vegan storm

kawkawveg is a vegan food delivery start-up that aims to make people care not just for their health but also for animals and the environment.

Going vegan the smart and healthy way

Vegans must ensure they are getting adequate amounts of Omega-3s, calcium and iron in their plant-based diet.

Veganism sprouts as more embrace health, oppose animal cruelty

Veganism has taken root in Malaysia, with vegan food outlets and vegan products becoming increasingly available.

Low fat, low calorie lip smacking Singapore noodles

Singapore noodles are low in fat and calories, yet make for a delicious meal.

4 reasons to stop dairy and drink plant-based milks

The advantages of consuming plant-based milk are many, and the choices of flavours are delicious and nutritious.

Sushi Kitchen KL: Now even vegans can enjoy Japanese cuisine

It's not just the lack of fish at this restaurant that will leave you speechless; these meals aim to help you imbibe better eating habits.

Watch your language: Tasty words ‘luring’ people to healthier foods

World Resources Institute find describing sausages as 'Cumberland-spiced' rather than 'meat-free' and promoting a soup as 'Cuban' instead of 'low fat vegetarian' increased sales in British and US cafes.

Heavenly vegetarian fare in a fine-dining setting

If you're skeptical about how tasty or satisfying a vegetarian meal can be, Barat Lifestyle Vegetarian Restaurant in Bangsar might just make a convert out of you.

Vegetarian fine dining looks West for inspiration at Barat

Couple who own and run Barat Lifestyle Vegetarian Restaurant aims to change perceptions about vegetarian food by serving up healthy and tasty Western dishes.

Beyonce, Jay-Z offer lifetime concert tickets for fans who go vegan

Beyonce pledges to eat plant-based breakfasts and go meatless on Mondays, while Jay-Z is promising to eat 2 plant-based meals a day.

Omigosh! This vegan ice cream is sinfully delicious

Be prepared to be awed when you sink your teeth into a scoop of Kind Kones's rich and flavourful vegan ice creams, the first of its kind in Malaysia.

Cekodok Pisang: Mashed deep-fried banana fritters

When done right, the skin of the Cekodok Pisang is almost black as sin and crispy on the outside, with a warm, gooey centre.

Nestle plans vegan push with no-meat burger, purple walnut milk

Nestle is gearing up for its biggest push yet into the booming vegan market with its Incredible Burger, made of soy and wheat protein.

5 catering ideas for the health-conscious guest

Healthy and sustainable food is one of the hottest trends in the food service industry today but it should also be delicious and a feast for the eyes.

Aiskrim vegan diperkenalkan di pasaran UK, Eropah

Aiskrim yang dibuat sepenuhnya menggunakan bahan dari tumbuh-tumbuhan itu disahkan oleh Kesatuan Vegetarian Eropah selain menerima respon baik daripada pengguna yang menikmatinya pada fasa percubaan.

L’Oreal goes vegan with German cosmetics maker

French cosmetics giant L'Oreal said Wednesday it had acquired Germany's Logocos Naturkosmetik, a firm that offers vegan and organic beauty products, which it plans to offer more widely internationally.

Kat Von D has your eyeliner covered this fall

Kat Von D is launching a new line of vegan, cruelty-free eyeliners for fall.

Land of Boeuf Bourguignon faces wrath of ‘veganistan’ activists

The vegan and animal welfare wave hasn’t spared France, where butchers and slaughterhouses are increasingly coming under attack.

World Meat Free Day 2018: how going ‘flexitarian’ could boost your...

As the evidence grows that a plant-based diet brings benefits all-round, many people are currently switching to a vegetarian or vegan diet, but for others it may not be a viable option.

French vegan convicted for comments on butcher killed by Islamist militant

A vegan in France who posted a Facebook message offering "zero sympathy" for a butcher killed by an Islamist militant during an attack last week was handed a seven-month suspended prison sentence for the remarks on Thursday, a judicial source said.

World Vegetarian Day: Five foods that pack a nutritional punch

Here we round up some of the most nutrient-dense options to include in a healthy vegetarian diet.

Beyond wheatgrass: Vegan junk food is all the rage

As the movement becomes more and more popular, temptations including donuts, pizza and mock hamburgers allow vegans to eat just as badly as everybody else.