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Copa America footballers aim to bring ‘joy’ to Venezuela

A victory over Bolivia will send Venezuela into the knock-out rounds, which the players know would be a welcome boost back home.

Venezuela should release jailed opponents

The UN rights chief met relatives of these detainees, many of whom are accused of 'conspiracy' to overthrow the government.

Venezuela draw 0-0 with Peru in their Copa America opener

Venezuela and Peru start their Copa America with a nervous 0-0 draw in a match marked by two Peruvian goals chalked off after consultation with the Video Assistant Referee (VAR).

Rusia tak cadang hantar tentera, bina pangkalan di Venezuela

Presiden Rusia, Vladimir Putin berkata, semua pihak berkepentingan perlu berkumpul di Venezuela yang berdepan kemelut politik.

US bars cruises to Cuba in retaliation for Venezuelan role

The US State Department bars cruise ships from going to Cuba, citing government repression and its role in the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela.

Guaido renews call for Maduro to step down after Norway talks

Juan Guaido has called for a 'large mobilisation' of protesters to rally against the government over shortages of gasoline and prolonged blackouts.

US walks out of UN arms forum as Venezuela takes chair

The United States walks out of the Conference on Disarmament in protest of Venezuela assuming the rotating presidency of the UN-sponsored forum – as it did a year ago when Syria took the chair.

Peru and Colombia call for more aid to help with Venezuelan...

Colombia and Peru calls on the international community to commit more aid to help them cope with an influx of around 2 million Venezuelans who have migrated to the two countries in recent years.

Maduro proposes early elections for opposition-run congress

Venezuela’s Congress is held by the opposition and to shift elections forwards is seen as a move to cleanse the Congress of Maduro’s detractors.

Gasoline shortages hit Caracas as US sanctions pinch supplies

Fuel shortages are now commonplace in the Venezuelan countryside as US sanctions have cut off Venezuela’s imports of American gasoline.

Maduro hails start of Norway-brokered talks with opposition

Maduro urges all Venezuelan people to advance towards the path of peace.

Venezuela sells US$570 mil from gold reserve despite sanctions

Despite sanctions by the United States, Venezuela sold about US$570 million in gold reserves.

Cuba, Canada foreign ministers meet in Havana on Venezuela crisis

Canada's foreign minister met with her Cuban counterpart in Havana to discuss the political crisis in Cuba's longtime ally Venezuela.

Amnesty urges ICC to probe ‘crimes against humanity’ in Venezuela

Amnesty International says Maduro's opponents are tortured and killed during the protests.

Venezuela’s Guaido seeks Pentagon cooperation to solve political crisis

Juan Guaido also says China will join a diplomatic effort between European and Latin American countries, to negotiate an end to the crisis.

Venezuela buka semula sempadan dengan Brazil, Aruba

Bagaimanapun Venezuela terus menutup sempadan dengan Colombia, Bonaire dan Curacao.

Venezuela reopens border where migrants used trails to reach Brazil

More than 3.4 million Venezuelans have left the country since 2015 due to a political and economic crisis.

Deputy to Venezuela’s Guaido imprisoned, Maduro accuses sacked general

Edgar Zambrano, deputy speaker of the opposition-majority National Assembly, is being held in preventive detention.

US expands Venezuela sanctions in Maduro pressure campaign

Under Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's leadership, Venezuela's economy has ground to a halt.

Guaido blasts Maduro over opposition crackdown

Guido spoke out after opposition lawmakers Richard Blanco, Mariela Magallanes and Americo De Grazia sought refuge in the Argentine and Italian embassies in Caracas.

Venezuelan opposition deputy takes refuge with Argentine ambassador

Richard Blanco sought sanctuary hours after Guaido's own right-hand man, Edgar Zambrano, was arrested.

Guaido’s deputy arrested in Venezuela

Edgar Zambrano said agents had towed him and his car to prison after he refused to get out of the vehicle.

Guaido says his deputy was detained by intelligence agents

Edgar Zambrano, alleges he was kidnapped as intelligence officer dragged his car, with him in it, using a tow truck to their HQ.

Venezuela’s Congress strips opposition lawmakers of immunity

The opposition lawmakers in question include Henry Ramos, former chief of the legislature, and Edgar Zambrano, currently the legislature's vice president.