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Let’s have One System One School, says PPBM man

Tariq Ismail says the government does not have to give funds or allocations to vernacular schools.

Khat lessons renamed Jawi and will be optional, Cabinet decides

The Cabinet states the Jawi script lessons will not be part of any exam or monthly tests.

Dong Zong denies it is racist

Two Chinese educationist groups tell Dr Mahathir that other groups too, including some Malays, are opposing the compulsory teaching of khat in vernacular schools.

Now a petition against khat on religious grounds

Chinese schools movement says its opposition is based on some reseach that khat has been used to spread Islam.

Up to teachers how to expose khat to students, says NUTP

Union says teachers should be allowed use their judgment.

Education ministry sticks to khat move

Education Minister Maszlee Malik says khat will only be an activity, not a subject in itself.

Banned author rips into anti-khat lobby for opposing Jawi

Faisal Tehrani says the controversy about the learning of Jawi and khat in schools is symptomatic of Malaysia's polarised education system.

The khat issue explained by MOE

Frequently asked questions prepared by the Ministry of Education on the inclusion of khat as part of the Bahasa Malaysia syllabus in vernacular schools.

The more pressing need in schools right now

The focus should be on improving students' proficiency in BM, notwithstanding the value of learning about Malaysia's rich cultural heritage.

Khat, Jawi, Chinese calligraphy: nothing religious or racial about learning them

Acquiring skills in khat will not dilute one's faith, but there are other priorities.

We’re khat in yet another controversy

I agree with Lim Kit Siang that we don’t lose if we learn new things, especially about the different cultures in the country.

DAP leaders meet as party threatens to implode over khat rage

Tens of thousands take to social media to vent anger, accusing party leaders of betraying the Chinese community.

Fairer deal needed for all races in education

Improving national schools would help turn more parents towards them instead of outright abolishing vernacular schools.

No proof vernacular schools cause disunity, say politicians, academic

They say the education system alone cannot be blamed for lack of unity and that any link between disunity and vernacular schools is sketchy at best.

Vernacular schools no hurdle to national unity, says Perak exco

He says there are several Chinese schools where the majority of pupils are Malays as they know importance of Mandarin.

When does learning another language cause disunity?

There are so many factors causing division in Malaysia, but vernacular schools always seem to be singled out.

Vernacular schools not uniting the races, says PAS Muslimat delegate

Salamiah Md Nor urges the government to end vernacular schools and not make Mandarin a second language.

Restore parents’ faith in national schools, don urges Putrajaya

Prof Teo Kok Seong urges education ministry to put an end to complaints by Malay and non-Malay parents on national schools.

I wasn’t being racist, says Nazri over controversial speech in Semenyih

The BN secretary-general denies asking for vernacular schools to be closed.

Don’t politicise vernacular schools issue, Maszlee tells MCA

Education minister challenges MCA deputy president Wee Ka Siong to present the study done on the construction of the schools.

Perkasa’s demands can cause disunity, says PAGE

PAGE says government should instead ensure high quality of the national education system.

Amanah: Review Islam in schools, introduce ‘maqasidiq’ approach

Amanah strategy director Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad says a ‘maqasidiq’ approach to education, which focuses on the higher intent of religion and timeless Islamic principles, can help heal the nation, starting from school.

‘Too late to abolish vernacular schools’

Former senior education ministry official says existing Chinese education group and growing presence of Tamil groups means vernacular schools are here to stay.

Sultan Nazrin: Ironic that citizens unable to speak Malay

He urges vernacular schools to ensure pupils excel in the national language.