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Why Chinese schools will continue to thrive in Malaysia

The quality of education provided by Chinese schools and the rise of China as a global economic power will ensure that Chinese vernacular schools continue to have a place in Malaysia, says report.

The perennial dilemma of language and losing our culture

Let us bring the nation together in our schools through education despite our differences in language.

Study: Malaysians ready to discard racially-based parties

An Oxford University study funded by CIMB Foundation finds that Malaysians generally want greater integration and unity.

Programme to enhance Malay in vernacular schools

This will help in improving national integration, says education minister.

Zahid: I never called for abolishment of vernacular schools

DPM says he only asked for the curriculum of vernacular schools to be consolidated so as to strengthen national unity in a multiracial society like Malaysia.

Unity has its roots in the people’s hearts

Speaking a common language doesn't guarantee love and understanding.

Chinese schools promote unity, says Malay UEC grad

UEC grad Farah Halijah says studying in a Chinese school taught her the value of acceptance and the importance of respecting the views of those of other races.

Aid for schools, kampung folk and low-cost home owners in Penang

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng says he realises times are hard but the state has the money to help because it is a clean government.

Govt must guard against attempts to propagate extremism in all schools

He says there is a need to go back to how the country was originally envisioned to be — a secular country where politics and religion are kept separate.

Dual Language Programme might endanger vernacular schools

There is the danger that Chinese and Tamil schools may lose their character in terms of using the mother tongue as the medium of instruction.

Why learn Chinese in China when we can do it here?

Malaysia is way more fortunate than our neighbours because we boast a complete Chinese education system.

Rebranding vernacular education in Malaysia

Long-standing existence of different streams of education has never caused any form of major conflict that has harmed national unity.

Let’s have more Chinese schools

If national unity is a real concern, then surely we should worry about the schools that are exclusively mono-ethnic and mono-religious, instead.

‘Bangsa Johor’ single-stream schools good for unity

Proposal by Johor Crown Prince will be difficult to implement, however, says NUTP president Hashim Adnan, due to teachers coming from all states nationwide.

Ministry’s online survey alarms Chinese school teachers

Jiao Zong fear feedback from Education Ministry survey will have serious impact on vernacular schools and they plan to meet deputy minister from MCA.

MCA: Don’t repeat mistake of eradicating English schools

MCA's Ti Lian Ker says making vernacular schools the scapegoat for national unity will not address the root causes of disunity.

It’s quality education that’ll foster unity

There's a reason why more and more Malaysians are sending their children to Chinese schools.

Syed Saddiq backs ‘Bangsa Johor’ schools

Activist echo's Johor Crown Prince's sentiments that unity must be forged at a young age, and that Johoreans should not wait for Putrajaya to act.

Bangsa Johor schools in, vernacular schools out?

In video posting, Tunku Mahkota says 'in the future there will be no more Indian, Chinese, Malay schools in Johor'

Tee’s Chinese-type religious schools get mixed response

Amanah and DAP differ over proposal by controversial preacher Ridhuan Tee for government to start Chinese-type religious schools.

Tee pushes for Chinese-type religious schools

Controversial preacher says this is the best solution if government feels Chinese language is important in the pursuit of progress and to meet the rise of China's economic power.

Ministry to review heavy ‘burden’ of Chinese primary students

Deputy Education Minister laments students at Chinese primary schools having to carry bags weighing up to 10kg each.

Ramasamy: Penang govt snubbed by vernacular schools

Penang's Deputy Chief Minister P Ramasamy chides vernacular schools for not hanging up CM Lim Guan Eng's photos.

Racial politics, not vernacular schools breeds racism

DAP lawmaker M Kula Segaran says a single stream education as proposed by an academician would only lead to greater disunity in the country.