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Retired colonel laments lack of unity of nation he lost leg...

Wishes Malaysia could revert to when race and religion didn't create divisions.

‘How I faced down a rebel chief’, retired general recounts encounter...

It's a story that the retired army man never tires of telling, especially to young people who may not know the cost of securing the peace.

RM1 mil grant for Sarawak armed forces veterans

Deputy Chief Minister Douglas Uggah Embas pays tribute to ex-servicemen's dedication and sacrifice.

Defence ministry: We care for welfare of veterans

Veterans facing problems or seeking help must go through proper channels, it says.

World leaders mark WWI centenary in sombre Paris ceremony

Over 3,400 people, including veterans of the armed forces of France and its allies, have been invited to the ceremony.

The problem of race in the race for Port Dickson

PAS candidate Mohd Nazari Mokhtar's call for Deputy Defence Minister Liew Chin Tong to be replaced smacks of racism and is intended to appeal to those who cannot accept a non-Malay in the defence ministry.

We will continue speaking up for army, veterans, says Anwar

The incoming PKR president says he will meet with the National Patriots Association and assure them that their rights will be defended.

Not an issue, lawyer says on military-like uniform

Rela's legal adviser Michael Wong says it is fine for PAS' volunteer group to wear the first uniform as long as it does not resemble that of the army or police.

Not all share the same view as Patriot on my resignation,...

The outgoing MP says while he understands the concern of the veteran’s organisation, any insinuation that veterans and armed forces personnel will not support Anwar is baseless.

Patriot questions defence of LTAT’s involvement in AES

National Patriots Association president Mohamed Arshad Raji says the LTAT board of directors must take responsibility for the 'ignominious dereliction of duty'.

Ex-servicemen defend appointment of military man to education council

The National Patriots Association says Education Minister Maszlee Malik already has enough advisers from his ministry and now needs those with real-life experience in different fields.

Probe alleged abuse of military intelligence in GE14, Patriot tells defence...

Ex-servicemen reiterate their call for an investigation into claims that the department of military intelligence worked to shore up support for Najib Razak ahead of GE14.

Mahathir wants ex-servicemen to help unite Malaysians

Patriot president says the prime minister, at a meeting with the NGO, urged its members to promote a spirit of solidarity among people of all races.

Ex-servicemen want probe into ‘treasonous’ CIA letter

The National Patriots Association says the purported letter discussed internal security matters and foreign policy matters that should not have been shared.

Review defence procurement contracts, ex-servicemen tell Ambrin

The National Patriots Association says corruption in the defence ministry has been going on 'for years'.

Ex-servicemen welcome Tommy Thomas as new AG

Patriot group says opposition to him based on his race and religion 'has no place in today's Malaysia'.

Ex-servicemen call for unity amid Cabinet dispute

The National Patriots Association says there was no time for 'intra-party bickering' about Cabinet positions.

Dr M up to same old antics to influence voters, Hisham

The Umno vice-president says instigating emotions such as anger, sympathy and sadness among voters at the last minute of the campaign has always been Dr Mahathir’s typical political antics.

Veterans volunteer as election agents at army, police camps

The National Patriots Association says its members are willing to become election agents at army and police camps to monitor postal voting.

Veterans defend ex-envoy against Anifah’s rebuke

National Patriot’s Association says the foreign minister overlooked relevant points in the analysis and chose to rebut only a few.

China to improve veterans’ care after protests with new ministry

The Chinese government has created the Ministry of Veterans Affairs to take care of former members of the military.

Lahad Datu op not something to be proud of, say ex-servicemen

Veterans group says many in the security service consider it an ignominious failure.

Postal voting no longer relevant, says ex-servicemen

Veterans group says Malaysia is not at war, and that a proper duty roster could allow troops stationed at their bases to vote on polling day.

Patriot: We are against bad and corrupt leaders, not the government

Its president Brig-Gen (R) Mohamed Arshad Raji, saying no one should doubt the organisation’s loyalty to the nation, challenges Hishammuddin Hussein to show the NS programme has achieved its objectives.